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LCF Psychology of Fashion students collaborate with Paloma Wool

  • Written byTino Matienga
  • Published date 15 February 2023

A career in fashion does not have to mean catwalk shows and sewing machines, here at London College of Fashion, we have courses that span every inch of this diverse industry.

Take the BSc (Hons) Psychology of Fashion, for example. This unique course applies psychological theories to better understand consumer behaviour and how this can be applied to improve fashion industry practice. Pretty impressive, right?

Not only are students taught key psychological theories and concepts, but through our network of industry connects, we allow them to put these into practice through dynamic, real-world collaborations.

During the Autumn term, as part of their Year 2 Consultancy Project unit, a group of 8 students took part in a research project with Paloma Wool, a well-known clothing brand based in Spain, that leads the way when it comes to innovative fashion.  With a strong focus on sustainability, founder Paloma Lanna wanted her brand to be more than a clothing label by collaborating with artists, designers, ceramicists, and photographers.

She was inspired by the art of styling and getting dressed and considered the different steps that go into developing a conscious fashion brand.

The consultancy project is designed for students to learn intermediate research methods and statistics by addressing a particular research area/business need. Paloma Wool briefed the group of students and tasked them to collectively investigate consumers behaviour around sustainability, the students research questions were:

  • What factors influence consumer perceptions of a sustainable fashion brand?
  • What factors influence consumer perceptions of sustainable textiles?

With this brief in mind the group formed a research project which included completing and designing a questionnaire, collecting, and analysing findings and compiling a lab report which they used to present their findings – all integral, transferable skills sought after in graduation positions.

In their final brief to Paloma Wool, they provided a report detailing consumers perceptions around sustainability in terms of the brand and textiles used as well as recommendations on how to improve brand perceptions and encourage ethical consumers. This exciting collaboration is just one example of how our students to apply their training in psychology and research methods to address pressing issues within the fashion industry. Course Leader for the course Dr Mason Silveira said,

“working with Paloma Wool was an amazing opportunity for students on our course to apply their psychological training to inform industry marketing practice. Through the Consultancy Project unit, the students were able to develop their research methods and data analysis skills and provide data-driven recommendations to Paloma Wool. These are key skills developed on the course which give our students an edge when working in industry, so it was great they could get this experience by working with such a great brand.”

We caught up with our BA (Hons) Psychology of Fashion students to hear how they found the experience:

“This entire experience was worthwhile and significant. While I was working on this project, I enjoyed the fact that the findings will be used by a brand that will be able apply them in real life with a genuine purpose; therefore, I was motivated to work harder!”

— Ema Cyprichová
"I heard about the Paloma Wool project through my course leader in year 2. The background and inspiration behind the company was explained in great depth, as well as their mission to create sustainable clothing. While the project was stressful at times, it was highly enjoyable. We were challenged with creating a report to find more about consumer perception of sustainable fashion and doing consultancy work for a large company felt highly rewarding. This project was beneficial as it is something that shows industry experience and can be added to your CV.”

— Jacob Rose
"Paloma Wool is a brand I had been following for a while, so it was very exciting to have the opportunity to work with them and develop ideas for their sustainable brand, which would help them identify their ideal consumer demographic. With this experience I have learnt a lot about brand-focused research, as we had to target a specific type of consumer, which will make me more equipped when carrying out research or working with specific brands after I graduate"

— Ellie Lynes
"Participating in this project helped me build my professional and analytical skills, providing me with valuable experience and opportunities to connect with Paloma Wool. I really hope that my findings can help the brand to formulate effective marketing strategies."

— Lishan Liang
"When I came across this course I was intrigued by the emphasis on sustainability in fashion and I saw it as an excellent gateway to allow me to work in the industry but still have a positive impact"

— Evie Scardthomas

Find out more about the course directly from the course leader here: