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Pitching, sustainable fashion and a catwalk show on day two of the BA14 Fashion Management and Science Summit

The BA14 Fashion Management and Science Summit
The BA14 Fashion Management and Science Summit
The BA14 Fashion Management and Science Summit
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01 July 2014

The second day of London College of Fashion’s BA14 School of Management and Science Summit, held at the Village Underground venue in Shoreditch, saw more industry professionals offering their valuable advice to LCF students and graduates.

In the ‘Team Dynamics and Team Fit’ roundtable networking workshop, hosted by LCF Careers students were offered the opportunity to gain advice and insights from four mentors; Janene Bricknall (HR Advisor at The Disney Store); Darcie Baker (Resourcing Partner at Arcadia Group Ltd); Melissa François (Interim Resourcing Partner at Arcadia Group Ltd); and Diane Blything (Account Manager at Step Enterprise Ltd). With Janene suggesting to students that they should focus on unexpected opportunities:

“Embrace the opportunities as they come along, it’s about being brave enough to accept the jobs. People’s career paths may not always follow a ‘set’ path now, its important, for us, to bring people in from different areas.”

Afterwards, students moved into the pods, in order to present their work to the Industry mentors for the Fashion Business ‘Shark Tank’ event. Three students; Georgia Belgrano, Jawara Alleyne and Julia Waltz; pitched their fashion business ideas, with Janene, Darcie and Melissa offering insightful feedback. Darcie advised:

“You could have the best mood board, designs and concept in the world, but you have to ensure it’s relevant, or adapted, to suit the brand you’re pitching to.”

In the afternoon, Julia Waltz (BA Fashion Design and Management student), Laura Salisbury (Graduate BA Fashion Design and Marketing student) and Jessica Saunders (Director of the Flexible Learning Program) discussed sustainability, innovation and ethics in the Open Floor Fashion Debate, with Julia suggesting that LCF’s focus on Sustainability has really influenced her:

“Since starting my course I found out about and focused on sustainability, I never really thought about it before, but Fast Fashion is putting stress on everyone, do we really need Fast Fashion still?”

Laura agreed, adding:

“Ideas about pioneering, beneficial and technological materials have to be spread around and understood, so that they can be applied in the mainstream.”

Jessica explained that we should aim to naturalise sustainability:

“If we ask people to start thinking about sustainability and integrating it creatively, eventually it should naturally happen, we need to be careful that we don’t turn people off by ramming it down their throats.”

The event concluded with a fashion show, exhibiting the exciting designs from the BA (Hons) Fashion Realisation (part time) course. Highlights included Anna Rossvivid blue mohair jumpers and tongue-in-cheek lamé catsuits. Also featured was Gsus LopezBA (Hons) Fashion Media (Part Time), who premiered his kickstarter funded film, ‘OUT’.