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Modus Hosts: Unfolding Inter-local Practice

male and female in white robes in the process of dressing/undressing
  • Written byCaroline Stevenson
  • Published date 18 October 2021
male and female in white robes in the process of dressing/undressing

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a mode or procedure

a way of doing something

MODUS (Caroline Stevenson and Ruby Hoette) are delighted to present a new collaboration with studio practice CAULFIELD—SRIKLAD: an installation and online exchange during Dutch Design Week 2021 at Onomatopee Projects, Eindhoven. The project launches a year-long series, MODUS: Hosts, showcasing the methods and modes of production of practitioners exploring fashion in the expanded field.

Launching on October 19 2021, Unfolding Inter-local Practice is a collection of embodied expressions, illustrating an emerging design methodology, a process, a practice. The installation explores the cultural memory held within the garments inherited from a dual Thai-Irish family archive and examines the contrasting dressing practices associated with the tailored suit and the Theravada Buddhist robe. Through the embodied experience of dressing and undressing in these garments, this methodology engages the intimate process of thinking through materials. Drawing insights from folding, covering, layering, tying and wrapping, transforms the cultural memory associated with these garments into a space of cultural imagination. This is a present day inter-place* and provides a new starting point for design aimed at creating a sense of belonging and sense of inter-locality**.

*inter-place: a union and integration of multiple places that shape experience ** inter-local: the process of belonging, through the union and integration of local experience

Join MODUS online and at Onomatopee on October 21, 4-6 PM Dutch time (link to follow) for a dialogue between MODUS and CAULFIELD—SRIKLAD.


abstract image of arm paint rolling on white robes

CAULFIELD—SRIKLAD is a studio practice by brother and sister Daniel and Siranee Caulfield-Sriklad. With backgrounds in fashion design and communication, academia and industry, our practice is interdisciplinary. We understand the act of dressing as ritual and fabric and the body as interdependent. We design for the body as a system of possible actions, through an awareness of being, becoming and belonging, thus creating conditions of possibility and embodied consciousness.

abstract of arm painting white cloth

MODUS is a platform and international network for practitioners working in the expanded field of fashion practice. The project centres around a glossary of practices: an ongoing collection of verbs that describe new ways of thinking, being and doing fashion. Founded in 2018 and led by London based designer and educator Ruby Hoette and curator and writer Caroline Stevenson, MODUS generates critical conversation and curiosity around fashion as an everyday practice with social, political, economic and environmental implications. MODUS produces publications, events and projects in collaboration with Onomatopee Projects, Eindhoven. / @modus.project /

Join for an online talk

October Thursday 21, 2021, 16:00 - 17:15 / Panel, Talk

Visit the MODUS pages for more info.

Images courtesy of Modus/Caulfield-Sriklad