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Meet NoéMie Schwaller, LCF Alumna and Editor in Chief of DASH magazine

Artwork: Bukanova , Photography: Marc Hibbert, Retouching: James Midwinter, Isabelle wear: Issey Miyake
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10 November 2014
Dash front cover

Artwork: Bukanova , Photography: Marc Hibbert, Retouching: James Midwinter, Isabelle wears: Issey Miyake

NoéMie Schwaller, LCF alumna from MA Fashion Journalism and now Editor-in-Chief of DASH magazine chatted with us about her accomplishments this week.

Her truly unique magazine, the idea for which NoéMie developed during her year studying at LCF (and which she now runs with Managing Editor Harald Weiler and Art Director Friederike Hamann), focuses on fashion illustration, an art that NoéMie believes shouldn’t be left tucked away on horoscope sites but deserves to be understood as the beautiful art form that it is.

LCF News caught up with the Editor-in-Chief to chat about DASH, creating a magazine from scratch, and the advice she would give to others looking to do the same.

LCF News: Why did you choose to study MA Fashion Journalism?

NS: Before studying for my MA I was working for a company called Architonic in Zurich writing about architecture and design. I enjoyed it, but it was always when fashion came into play that I was feeling most passionate and so realised I wanted to pursue it.

LCF News: Why did you choose London College of Fashion?

NS: LCF has an international reputation for excellent fashion education and London was the only European place offering the course in English at the time.

LCF News: How did the idea for DASH magazine come about?

NS: DASH developed during my MA project allowing me to combine my passion for fashion, illustration and writing. I felt and still feel the need to provide a platform for fashion illustration and fashion art, which sadly is often being tucked away on horoscope sites. It is a beautiful art form in its own right and deserves to be understood as such. Fashion illustration leaves a lot to one’s imagination and through that incorporates the perfect medium to evoke the dreams the fashion industry is aiming to sell.

Harnessing Nature by Lola Bukvic, Illustration: Spela Jambrek

Harnessing Nature by Lola Bukvic, Illustration: Spela Jambrek

LCF News: How did you go about starting a magazine from scratch?

NS: I found an investor for the first issue, didn’t use all the money I’d been receiving, won the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises in the Fashion category in 2012 and with the money left over and the award of £10,000 I founded the second issue, after which the investor came back on board. Apart from the financial side it’s about working hard, connecting with people and sharing the love.

LCF News: DASH uniquely focuses on fashion illustration… why did you think this was important for your magazine?

NS: Illustration has always been a great love of mine. Standard fashion photography is everywhere and most magazines rely on reprinting the same press images over and over again. I want to surprise our readers with our distinct imagery and make DASH worth buying. Drawings offer multiple different ways of reading a collection; of understanding fashion. Our focus on illustration makes us stand out from the crowd and offer readers a truly unique experience.

Illustration: Dina Lynnyk

Illustration: Dina Lynnyk

LCF News: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own publication?

NS: This may sound cliché, but be passionate enough about your subject to give up evenings, weekends and quality time on holiday – if you get to take any at all. When you love what you do, you’re effectively living your job, which will make it all worthwhile. Make sure you do your market research thoroughly enough to have a clear understanding of what it is that makes you different. There’s no need to copy existing products in these financially dire times for publishing.

LCF News: How do you see the print industry developing in the future?

NS: I don’t think print will ever die – unless we run out of either trees or paper. While a lot of information can today be found online, there is something inherently different about picking up a magazine or book to while the hours away. Many people love the smell of paper, how it feels to the touch and that tactile experience simply cannot be mirrored digitally. While print may have become more niche, it has at the same also grown in value and importance for many publishers – ourselves included. At DASH we place great emphasis on finding the right paper, whether coated or uncoated, for the different sections of the magazine.

LCF News: How do you see DASH developing in the years to come?

NS: DASHing confidently towards the future.

LCF News: What has been your DASH highlight?

NS: Doing something I love and sharing this experience with a team that feels passion and love for this joint venture.

The Autumn/Winter 2014 issue is out now.