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MEET CAPS: An interview with Camille Fontaine

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Camille Fontaine
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09 July 2015

London College of Fashion believes that fashion and design education should be open to all. To help ensure we support and encourage as many students as possible from diverse backgrounds our Widening Participation Unit (WP) works to assist students in applying and successfully progressing through our courses. CAPS (Compact Agreement for Progression Scheme) is a scheme that the Widening Participation unit runs. The scheme aims to partner with schools and colleges to offer students introductory courses, portfolio advice, guidance from LCF tutors, summer school opportunities and a guaranteed interview to their selected course.

To celebrate the far reaching work the Widening Participation team do LCF News will be speaking to some of the fantastic CAPS students to find out about how they found their course, their future plans and the support they received from CAPS

Here LCF News talks to BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion graduate Camille Fontaine, who has been involved with CAPS throughout her degree.

Camille Fontaine

BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion graduate Camille Fontaine

LCF News: What course did you study?

Camille Fontaine: BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion

LCF News: Tell us about your time on the course

CF: It has been a whirlwind of experimentation, touching on all areas of fashion media communication. This was my only university application as I was determined to study nothing else and it paid off. Overall, I’ve genuinely enjoyed my personal and professional journey over the last three years. I’ve walked away with at least four new technical skills (Adobe Illustrator and darkroom developing/processing to name a few) and a renewed perspective on approaching the creative process and industry.

LCF News: Did you get involved with CAPS?

CF: I attended a two week course before starting my degree. It was a taster course in preparation for undergraduate studies where key skills such as summarising significant information for written assignments and generating visual research for projects were explored. It was nice to meet new faces from across the university before starting the first year, especially as I didn’t live in university halls and couldn’t network that way. I still speak to many people today that I initially met on the course.

LCF News: How did CAPS  help you?

CF: Team CAPS have always been on hand if and when I needed them but also have provided me opportunities such as paid work during the summer and the chance to exhibit my work on more than one occasion, prior to graduation.

LCF News: Please describe your work as a student ambassador

CF: I’ve taught foundation students at CAPS summer schools, I also speak to current first year students about personal and professional life at LCF. I’m still in contact with a couple of the girls who attended a summer school in 2013 which has been great.

LCF News: What are your future plans?

CF: I am mesmerised by the theatrics and magical properties within fashion communication. I’m also currently very much inspired to look into the work surrounding positive psychology in fashion and the impact that exposure to standardised beauty aesthetics has on individual well-being. Some of my work has already attempted to touch on both areas but I look forward to developing work which is truly dedicated to bringing both realms together. I also hope to study on at postgraduate level within the next few years.

LCF News: Please give us a tip for future CAPS students?

CF: Soak up the UAL community as much as possible.  Go to a different campus and explore what new skills you might be able to pick up, as there is so much available! The best thing I did was take technical classes that were unrelated to my degree. These courses have given me a skillset that enhances my aesthetic. But mainly, enjoy it!