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Meet BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Photography Alumna Lina Sych

Lina Sych 2
Lina Sych 2
Creative director and owner of fashion concierge Lina Sych
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04 May 2016

Creative Director and business owner Lina Sych graduated from BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Photography in 2011. LCF News spoke to her to discuss her involvement in the upcoming Vogue UA Fashion and Business Conference which is taking place in Ukraine next week, May 13. We also spoke to her about her business, Fashion Concierge and life after graduating from LCF.

Creative director and owner of fashion concierge Lina Sych

Creative director and owner of fashion concierge Lina Sych

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

I own a company called Fashion Concierge that manages various fashion related requests from our members all over the world. We provide wardrobe detoxing, organise fashion shows and create shop window displays amongst other things. I also design fashion gloves that have secret pockets for money or cards.

Last year I became a mother to a wonderful boy named Serafim and he’s 15 months old. So I have a very busy life right now.

How did fashion concierge come about?

I was in Kiev for a year working as creative director for Sanahunt Luxury Concept Store and I realised there wasn’t a company like Fashion Concierge so I created it. From my time working on different projects in London and other international ventures, I was lucky to make a few interesting contacts so with that and the fantastic team I have, the company has seen huge international success.

You are working on the Vogue Ukraine conference that is happening next week, May 13. Can you tell us a bit about your involvement and how it all came about?

In Ukraine I only work on the most interesting projects. I have been working for Atelier 1 Group for few months now together with Helen from DonStream because she is the best. She has involved me in this project with Vogue Ukraine and I am proud to be a part of it, because it’s a project that includes my favourites, LCF and Vogue.

Gloves designed by Lina Sych

Gloves designed by Lina Sych

Why did you choose to study BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Photography at LCF and how did it help you get into what you currently do?

It was 6 years in the making actually. When I was 17, I knew I wanted to study something creative and to do with media, but I wasn’t sure what, so a family friend introduced me to Donstream educational group. Donstream suggested I start with a course that included different areas of the fashion and media world, in order to find my place so I chose to attend Oxford Media and Business School. After finishing that, I went on to study a foundation course at Central Saint Martins which helped me realise I wanted to do Fashion Styling at London College of Fashion.

Tell us a bit about the other jobs you’ve had, and the highlights of your career so far

One of the first jobs I had was as a shop assistant at Atelier 1 Concept Store when I returned to Ukraine during the summer holidays from Oxford Media and Business School. Helen, the owner, taught me a lot and also gave me a chance to work on the international projects in London where they showcased Ukrainian designers like Poustovit and Podolyan. A few years later, I became Creative Project Manager for the store.

Whilst I was studying at LCF I got a chance to be a part of a creative team and work on many projects for clients like the English National Ballet  as well as Harrods, Unilever and Goldwell. These are the kind of opportunities that LCF gives to students so they can explore themselves and get meaningful experience.

After I graduated I was working for numerous fashion brands and department stores like Selfridges as well as creating lookbooks, organising fashion shows, styling and art directing. One of my recent jobs in London was working for Max Mara Head Office as assistant to a brand Manager of Max Mara Weekend.

Fashion styling by Lina

Fashion styling by Lina

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far in your career? And how did you overcome them?

For me, the biggest challenge was working in Ukraine after working in London. The fashion Industry there is not as developed. It is very easy to work in London where you basically learn from the best. However, in the last 5 years, the industry has grown a lot and there is a lot to do and to achieve. We have Vogue Ukraine now and we have so many bright designers and new talents emerging. I am grateful to have come to LCF so I can contribute to the growing fashion industry in Ukraine.

How did you find studying in London?

I found it very inspiring. I was there for 8 years, including 5 years of college and those years were the best in my life so far. I miss it terribly and keep having dreams about those student years!

What’s the top thing you wish you had known when you started out?

I think the less you know – the more you learn, I was hungry for information and that’s what made me want to learn more.

Styling by Lina

Styling by Lina

What is your top tip for people who want to get into roles like yours?

Work hard, be involved in everything that interests you especially unpaid jobs (when you are a student), don’t be lazy to assist, practice a lot, read at lot, go to every exhibition or event because the more people you meet in the industry the bigger chance for you to get involved in interesting projects. Never think that you are too good for something because there is a lot to learn and a lot to experience before you become someone.

In your opinion what are the do’s and don’ts of setting up your own business?

Don’t be afraid to start something on your own, but always be reasonable and don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

You can follow the Vogue UA Fashion and Business conference online with the hashtag, #VogueUAConference