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Meet ASOS’s newest recruit BA (Hons) Fashion Management student Nemar Parchment


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04 April 2016

Congratulations to third year BA (Hons) Fashion Management (now BSc Fashion Management) student Nemar Parchment, who has been offered a graduate position at ASOS, after receiving the highest buying assessment scores in the last three years at ASOS. We spoke to Nemar as he works on his final project, to discuss his time at LCF and what his plans for the future are.


What is your final project about?

My dissertation takes an in depth look at the disconnect between the UK high streets product offering, and female plus-size consumers aged 16-24. I’m looking at what the high street currently offers this demographic, and what can be done to increase satisfaction.

What have you enjoyed most about BA (Hons) Fashion Management and what have you found most challenging?

What I enjoyed most about my course is the doors it opened. I chose LCF because of the weight that the name holds, and having it on your C.V. is a big deal. It usually gets you seen as a priority when applying for internships.

The most challenging aspect of my course was the completing the work, while trying to get hands on industry work experience and placements. It’s really important to not rely solely on the theory that is taught, and actually put what you learn into practice.

What’s it like studying in London as a Londoner?

I was born and grew up in Brixton so going to university in London isn’t a new experience for me. I do believe though that if you are studying any creative subject, you need to be in a capital city. London is a hub of creativity with some many places to look for inspiration.

Congratulations on the ASOS role! How did you go applying for it – what did you have to do, and when do you start?

Thank you so much – I’m really excited! I simply applied online – I had received offers from other high street retailers via LinkedIn, but ASOS just felt so right.

At the assessment there were four elements: group assessment, individual interview, individual trend presentation and a prioritisation task. It was 3 hours long but totally worth it.

I have actually started already – I didn’t want to wait until summer to apply due to the high level of competition. Also my dissertation is basically complete and I didn’t want to stay home watching daytime TV, so I threw myself head first into buying,

What are your plans for the future?

Well I have already achieved three of my goals so far, which were to get into LCF, get a job in buying and work for ASOS. My next major goal is to try and make the Drapers 30 under 30 list – very ambitious! Other than that, I plan to do my best and climb the ladder to eventually becoming a fully-fledged buyer.

What is your top tip for prospective Fashion Management LCF students?

Be prepared to work hard – not only on assignments but on getting internships and industry experience. Anyone can get a first class degree, but only a select few are able to get the experience and make contacts that will ensure the beginnings of a successful career as soon as they leave university.