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Media students win MA Fashion Matters Awards

Work by Gaby Deimeke, MA Fashion Photography
Written by
Rosie Higham-stainton
Published date
02 August 2017

MA students from across LCF’s media courses had the opportunity to apply for Fashion Matters Awards, to help support their final collection or project. We spoke to two of this year’s winners, Revekka Georgiadou from MA Fashion Media Production and Gaby Deimeke from MA Fashion Photography, about their final projects and winning the award.

How did you find the award application process?

Revekka Georgiadou: I found out about the award through my student email, and from my course tutor. The application process was straightforward and easy to do.

Gaby Deimeke: The application process was very straightforward and of course, it was exciting when I found out I was one of the recipients!

Work by Revekka Georgiadou, MA Fashion Media Production.

How will this award help you realise your final project?

RG: The award will mainly help me financially, and give me the opportunity to access all the necessary technology and high-end equipment needed to achieve a high-standard, professional, outcome for my project.

GD: This award will be immensely helpful for my final project. Now I feel like I can be more creative, to think of bigger ideas, instead of being fiscally limited on a student budget. With this financial freedom, I hope to make some big-scale prints of my photographs, which is really exciting, as I have never seen my work that large.

Tell us why fashion matters, and how your work reflects this idea/these ideas?

RG: Fashion is not just expensive clothes, shoes and handbags. Fashion is all about culture, history, politics and technology. Through my project, I want to showcase how much fashion can have a positive effect on people’s lives. By reviving the old, traditional form of fashion magazines, I am aiming to enhance the reader’s experience and make it more fun and interactive while at the same time promoting fashion and encouraging a healthier, stress-free lifestyle.

GD: I think fashion is situated in a really relevant social scene and can be extremely important in bringing together people and cultures. I’m from America, and I love that studying fashion in London has allowed me to meet individuals and exchange ideas with people from all over the world. I think that fashion in general makes a huge global impact, not only economically, but also socially, and it’s important to me to generate and present ideas through my work that reflect the current social issues and generate dialogue on those topics.

Work by Gaby Deimeke, MA Fashion Photography

Tell us about your final project?

RG: My Master’s project proposal is very much inspired by the emergence of new technologies and the way mixed realities and multimedia can be used to drive change within the fashion industry. The final outcomes of this project will include a printed ‘Fashion & Fitness’ magazine, accompanied by its own native mobile app, and specific content viewed and experienced through the use of smart glasses or other wearable devices (i.e. smart headphones).

The magazine itself will be innovative in the way it combines both fashion and health in a new, exciting way, using new technologies, such as augmented reality. The mobile app will be used to enhance the way people read and interact with the magazine’s content. Video content from the app will be available to be downloaded on the reader’s smart device (either smart glasses or smart headphones) and enhance the experience further. A scenario of this could be at the gym, where the reader could download tutorial exercises from the fitness section of the magazine onto their smart device. Furthermore, they can watch the accompanied 360° video of the instructor showing them these exercises through the device and exercise hands-free.

GD: My master’s project is a continuation of themes I’ve been working with throughout my time at UAL. I’ve been exploring consumption, gluttony, and waste through connecting fast fashion and fast food. For my latest installation, I photographed a model with fast food and then printed the images onto hundreds of real cheeseburger wrappers from fast food stores. I want to continue on that path and make public street-style installations of my work which will hopefully make it more accessible to anyone walking by. I also want to look into scanning and screen printing my images.