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MA students collaborate on a project with Diesel

Diesel project, Collaborative Unit
Diesel project, Collaborative Unit
Diesel project, Collaborative Unit
Written by
Rosie Higham-stainton
Published date
12 September 2017

MA students Revekka Georgiadou from MA Fashion Media Production, Maria Del Rocío Elizaga Puig from MA Fashion Retail Management, Aikaterini Papaioannou and Natacha Manuela Liberal Da Cunha Ferreira from MA Strategic Fashion Marketing and Owen Wynne Hughes from MA Menswear collaborated on a project brief for Diesel. We spoke to them about the experience, and how LCF’s collaborative unit prepares you for the industry.

Shop window design for Diesel.

Briefly describe your Collaborative Unit project.

The initial brief from Diesel was to create a 360-degree campaign strategy for their Jogg Jeans collection, to be launched in July 2017. Part of the project was to consider the position of the Jogg Jeans within the wider market, identify the target consumer through primary and secondary research and come up with a unique concept idea, translated through various touch-points, in order to push Jogg Jeans forward. The campaign deliverables included a holistic marketing campaign for the Jogg Jeans and an over-arching campaign concept to cover complete ideas for two store windows, in-store fixtures for one of the Diesel stores, an in-store launch event to mark the beginning of the campaign, a mobile pop-up, social media communication strategy and creative customisation ideas for three pairs of Joggs.

How did you find each other?

We met each other at the second CU networking event. During the networking event, I met a lot of people who were interested in participating in the Diesel project but most of them were individuals. However, when I met Natacha, she was already part of a group of 3, Katerina and Rocio. They knew each other from before, because of their course, and they were looking for more creative people to collaborate with on the Diesel project. All three of them were extremely motivated and passionate about this project which I believe it was the reason why I have chosen them over others!

What have been the key benefits of collaborating during your MA?

I believe that the biggest benefit of collaborating during my MA is that I met new people; across different sectors of the fashion industry and I have learnt from them things that I wouldn’t be able to learn if I haven’t had the opportunity to work on the Diesel project.

What have you learnt from your collaborators, and what have you taught them?

Due to the fact that the other girls from my group were coming from an extremely different path from mine, Retail Management and Strategic Fashion Marketing, I have learnt how to make brand and product position mapping, social media campaign planning etc. I believe that both Owen and I have gained more theoretical knowledge that is essential to our professional career, and unfortunately is not taught in more practical courses, such as Fashion Design or Media Production. But I also feel like we have taught them how to see things in a different perspective, and think more creatively and ‘outside the box’.

Diesel project, Collaborative Unit

What were the challenges?

The biggest challenge of this project was the brief and the over-arching campaign that we had to create for the Diesel Jogg Jeans. Due to the massive brief, we had to divide certain tasks to each member of the group and still maintain a flow through each touch-point. This was difficult at the beginning and we got distracted a few times, but at the end of the project we have managed to show consistency throughout the campaign and stay focused with the help of our supervisor and the constructive feedback we got from the professionals at the Diesel HQ.

What were the successes?

I believe that this project was successful, not only because we were the winning group, but also because all of us in the team got along very well, we respected each other’s opinions, we communicated all our ideas and we worked together collaboratively for the good of the team. We all enjoyed working on this project and our hard work was paid off at the end!

How will you use your experience?

I am planning to use my experience and the knowledge I gained through the Collaborative Unit on to my Master’s project. My Master’s project will include a practical project as well as my written dissertation. For my practical project, I am seeking for collaboration with like-minded individuals and technicians to help me build a mobile app and create content for a fashion and fitness magazine. Due to the massive project, I have decided to do, collaboration will be necessary to achieve a high-end, professional product on time.

What advice would you give to new students about Collaborative Unit?

My advice to new students will be to enjoy every minute of the Collaborative Unit and meet as many creatives as possible, because this is how the fashion industry works and you never know how someone can help you in your future career. Make contacts and don’t be afraid to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a group. Communication is essential for good collaboration!