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MA Fashion Retail students inspired by Burberry flagship


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19 January 2015

The Burberry Regent Store visit organised early November, for the MA Fashion Retail Management cohort was an entry into the threshold of a luxury ‘phygital’ world.


The visit was a true understanding and viewing of how the luxury brand incorporates technology into the retail store to make the shopping experience not just a process of buying a product, but a real experience of connecting with the brand.

Known to be among the best multichannel brands in the world, the Burberry store visit encompassed all the areas of the store, ready to wear, accessories, shoes, beauty and fragrances.

The private client section of the store, was particularly eye-catching, with the plush ambience and the elevated entry for the select few, directly into the area, from the side entrance of the store. What intrigued the entire group was the clever use of mirrors that turn into screens with runway footage and exclusive video content relevant to the brand and its products, along with a specifically designed area that narrates the history of a product.

“It was a never before, never again experience, ” said one of the MA students. “Burberry, Regent Store makes sure that it provides a seamless approach, thus creating a desire for their clientele to return,” said another, expressing her fascination from the visit.


The visit threw light on the theoretical concepts and frameworks of experiential retailing along with highlighting the future of fashion retailing, i.e. omnichannel retailing and use of technology in visual and sensory design, not to forget mentioning within the supply chain too, reflected by the use of ipads by the Burberry staff.

Through this store Burberry keeps the tradition of London, Britain, alive through original features that allow in natural light and the sound of rain to let consumers see, hear and feel the energy of weather and the role it plays in Burberry’s heritage.

Words by Shruti Jaipuria