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MA Fashion Photography student wins Global Outlook Award

Yoni Alter, London Live, Gherkin
Yoni Alter, London Live, Gherkin

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17 April 2015

LCF Careers and course leaders at the college have been considering how to help students get creative opportunities abroad, and they’ve come up with an exciting new award. The Global Outlook Award funds students to take their work to a new country and develop a creative project or creative skills beyond borders.

We spoke to LCF MA Fashion Photography student Nirma Madhoo-Chipps, one of the first winners of the award alongside two other photography students, before she heads off to Finland to create something very exciting indeed.

'Antithesis' by Nirma Madhoo-Chipps

‘Antithesis’ by Nirma Madhoo-Chipps, MA Fashion Photography

Nirma told us about the proposal that won her this amazing experience, and what she plans to do with her time abroad…

LCF News: What are you going to do with the support of the award?

Nirma Madhoo-Chipps: For the Global Outlook Award, I proposed to further explore my MA topic of Future Bodies and situating female identity in speculative contexts; digital, technological. The plan is to use the award to shoot scenery in Scandinavia that has a digital aesthetic, and propose these in new ways. This will hopefully be another attempt to push the edges of our aesthetic awareness even further than with the first film I made.

LCF News: How do you think this will help you as a photographer and artist?

NMC: My career plan is to specialise as an image maker with a specific interest in digital technologies and specialise in fashion-related projects. This venture supports an international outlook so the award will help me expand my practice as a fashion film maker in a much broader context than I would be able to engage on my own – what with being fresh out of college! The support from the award will help me realise a production in ways that were limited for my previous project.

LCF News: Do you think cross cultural collaborations are important? Why?

NMC: I am intrinsically interested in harnessing inspiration from the diversity in the world around us and I feel that cross cultural collaborations are a way to foster innovation. These days it is so difficult to innovate as an image maker in a world saturated with imagery, and cross-cultural contexts enable creatives to expand their minds in order to come up with something fresh.

LCF News: Have you seen any cross cultural collaborations that have inspired you in your work?

NMC: I find Viviane Sassen’s cross-cultural projects and Jackie Nickerson’s Farm and Terrain series hugely inspiring.