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London College of Fashion run secondary school outreach programme


Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
26 July 2016

London College of Fashion and Outreach at UAL (formerly Widening Participation team) recently ran a eight week Saturday school programme with several secondary schools around London to help students explore various fashion disciplines.


London College of Fashion works with young people in partner schools and further education colleges in Greater London, whose parent(s) or guardians have not completed a university degree. The Saturday school was a chance for many whom have an interest in fashion to experience a university environment and determine whether or not they’d like to pursue a career in fashion.

LCF News attended one of the Saturday sessions, where we spoke to Lawin Kheder, Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney, and Joe Lewis, St. Holland Park School, who travelled from Shepherd’s Bush, west London.

Saturday Outreach

Lawin Kheder, Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney, and Joe Lewis, St. Holland Park School.

And have you always been into fashion?

Joe: More so now, but my dad’s got loads of clothes so I’ve always been around them. I’ve always had an appreciation for fashion. Its just an interest, something different to do, otherwise I’d be at Fulham F.C. watching us lose every weekend.

Lawin: I studied textiles at school for my GCSEs, and I thought I’d developed some new skills here that would help me get a better grade.

So what do you want to do after this in the long term? Do you want to get into textiles, work in fashion?

Joe: I like designing clothes but I don’t know what I’d want to do. Well, it sounds quite basic but I’ve learnt how to start and set up a sewing machine, which was quite interesting, but there’s also loads of skills which I’ve learnt.

Lawin: For me, I probably want to make my own clothes because it is cheaper and more fun. I’ve learnt how to make pockets and waistbands. I’ve also learnt how to measure myself and trace out what size I am, and how much fabric you use to make a garment.


Ayo Oyedele, 14 years old, from Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney.

LCF News also spoke to Ayo Oyedele, 14 years old, from Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney. Ayo spent eight weeks making a pair of jeans at Mare Street. We spoke to her about her experience.

So what made you want to come here?

Ayo: Well first of all, I do textiles at my school, but I’ve been going to a fashion project as well called Threads. They invited me to come to this project as well. It sounded like an interesting project to be part of so I agreed to come.

What have you learnt since you’ve been here?

Ayo: Well the first time I came it was just getting to know each other, then we did a pocket sample, then after we did a zip sample and waistband sample.

What do you want to study after?

Ayo: I want to study health and social care, I’m not sure about following fashion.

Do Outreach at UAL and LCF help local Hackney teenagers with these sort of projects?

Ayo: Yeah I think it really helps because although they might not think of studying fashion yet, they might change their minds and they continue to progress. Doing lots of different might change their minds and make them think, “Maybe I want to do this, maybe I wan’t to study fashion.”


Clive Kandza, City Academy Homerton, at one of the Saturday sessions.

LCF News also spoke to Clive Kandza, City Academy Homerton, who also lives in east London.

What made you want to come to the weekend school? 

Clive: Because my textiles teacher persuaded most students to come. She said this programme and Outreach are amazing, and she said that it is very helpful and teaches us some fantastic techniques.

Have you learnt a lot and enjoyed yourself?

Clive: I’ve really enjoyed myself! There was a three day textiles trip where we made bags, and they’ll be selling the bags next month. They also sold bags to St. Josephs Hospital, and I got the chance to buy one of the bags for £10.

Is fashion and textiles something you want to do in the future?

Clive: I’d like to become a textiles and a food technology teacher when I’m older. I like design technology, it’s my favourite subject.