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Life of Alumni: Bespoke tailoring as Mental Health advocacy with Sarah Hollebon

Written by
Fanny Allart
Published date
04 November 2019

BA Bespoke Tailoring alumna Sarah Hollebon works tirelessly to shine a light on mental health. After graduating from LCF in 2018, Sarah earned a two-year residency on Carnaby Street earlier this year. She is now exhibiting at the Willesden Gallery in North London in the ‘Traumatised Selves’ exhibition, curated by Keynotes and TedTalks speaker: Laura Fischer.

Sarah has made mental health her focus in since graduating from LCF and she hopes to raise awareness and start the conversation on the issue that is close to her heart and relating to her personal experiences.

Using tailoring as a platform to voice people’s mental health experiences, holds a crucial contribution to a better world and to better well-being. We must push through and beyond the boundaries of comfort, to educate, and to develop ourselves until the dialogue is nothing but a positive subject.

Back in July, Sarah was giving a talk at Bell House for Creative Minds, and will give another public talk in December for Creative Minds on December 10th. Hollebon who gave new students the advice to ‘get out there! It’s up to you to go out and find out about networking events, panel discussions that you can get involved in’, doesn’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk.

Sarah is also opening her studio for Carnaby Christmas on the 7th of November, for give visitors insight into her work.

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