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Life after London with Graduate Diploma Fashion Media Styling alumna Fabiola Murueta Aldrete


Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
20 June 2016

Stylist Fabiola Murueta Aldrete left her small town in the north of Italy to study at LCF. She wanted an authentic, practical education that reflects the demands of the fashion industry, but also applies to advertising, film and music. Fabiola wanted to move to a global leading with a worldwide reputation in fashion, arts, culture and music. She packed her bags, moved to the London, and enrolled to Graduate Diploma Fashion Media Styling, and the rest she says is history. Fabiola talks us through her life after graduation and moving back to Italy.


Freelance work by Graduate Diploma Fashion Media Styling’s Fabiola Murueta Aldrete.

What have you been up to since graduation, we hear your working successfully in Italy?

Well, I decided to go back to Italy after graduation and started working for a jewellery brand based in my town, Reggio Emilia. I started as an intern but now my manager absolutely wants to have me on board.

Why did you pick Graduate Diploma Fashion Media Styling?

Initially, my project was to be a proper freelance fashion stylist, and the course was the right opportunity for me to make my dream come true. However, during my year of studying at LCF, I decided to split my creativity into many different directions. I began seeing styling is many different lights, something I definitely wasn’t aware of before starting my degree.

Your originally from Italy, what made you want to come to London and apply for LCF?

At the time I felt that Italian universities couldn’t give me the right grounding to be a proper stylist. In Italy, academies are more focused on culture (which is useful and important) than on practice, which I think is ESSENTIAL. You can’t be a stylist if you’ve never experienced sending more than one hundred emails in a day!

What does the industry demand from media stylist, and how did your time at LCF help develop your skills?

During my year studying Graduate Diploma Fashion Media Styling, I had the opportunity to visit many fashion industries but also to gain the experience to be involved in a project by real industries. I suppose that a stylist should be flexible to adapt his/her creativity to the request of the client, even if maybe the style doesn’t perfectly suits you. I did a shoot for an apron campaign and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It was really difficult for me to detach my personal taste to what the client seeks.

We are running a series called Love Lime Grove where we ask people, student and alumni their best memories and tips for our West London site. What did you enjoy about studying their and what are the best thing’s to do around the area?

Nice idea! Well, in my opinion Lime Grove was much more welcoming than the Oxford street site because of the “friendly atmosphere”. If you are in the area you must go to the charity shops around. I can’t remember the names but I did amazing sales there!

How would you describe your style?

I believe that my style is simple but not common.

What are the main differences between working in the UK and Italy, which one do you prefer?

In a way I prefer work in UK because of the solid organisation and the common motivation of people which are working with you. Anyway, I can’t negate that work in Italy is extremely gratifying in terms of relaxation and lifestyle.


Freelance work by Graduate Diploma Fashion Media Styling’s Fabiola Murueta Aldrete.

There’s a lot of collaboration between the other media courses at LCF and Lime Grove. How did you find that?

I started to collaborate with other people from LCF just after a month spent in Lime Grove. I got in touch with them using social networks and the LCF’s ShowTime, and at the end of the year was really pleasing to say hello to many people just walking through the school.