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Leading industry recruiters reveal what talent teams are looking for in graduates

A sea of the backs of students heads, watching guest speakers at the LCF Alumni event
  • Written byC. Prina
  • Published date 07 June 2024
A sea of the backs of students heads, watching guest speakers at the LCF Alumni event
Students watching guest speakers at the LCF Alumni event

East Bank recently hosted LCF’s alumni community and soon-to-be-graduating students at an inspiring industry-led discussion, which shared the inside information about what recruiters are seeking from their graduate hires. This was a unique opportunity to access intimate networking and valuable advice from key leaders in fashion recruitment.

With years of experience and knowledge of the latest employment trends, our industry panel demonstrated the success LCF students can achieve, sharing tips and advice on career planning, CV preparation and how to excel in interviews.

Competition for roles is higher than ever so LCF graduates looking to enter the creative workforce, are facing an overwhelming job searching climate. The need to stand out is crucial. Encouraging this connectivity between industry experts, LCF’s alumni community and graduating students has made space for sharing practical and honest advice, to support job applications and build resilience.

a close up of students at the LCF Alumni event, with speakers blurry in the background
Students watching speakers at the LCF Alumni event

A recurring theme across all of LCF Graduate Futures’ events is the need to adopt a growth mindset and display a willingness to learn and grow. Often the right attitude rather than skills can get you further along your career path. Elyssa highlighted to the audience the importance of self-worth and recognising one’s achievements, offering advice to...

Create an achievements folder where you collate all the incredible positive feedback you've received, your wins, moments you're proud of, anything that puts a smile on your face (no matter how big or small) - come back to this when you need a reminder of how well you're doing.

In particular, the speakers emphasised the value of crafting a detailed, succinct, CV, which presents key skills in an impactful format that will capture the interest of prospective employers. They encouraged attendees to establish their presence on LinkedIn, to stay informed about the latest technologies, and to up-skill to increase their chances of success in a highly competitive job market.

As the event drew to a close, attendees relished the opportunity to ask the industry guests valuable questions and connect with their peers. The evening was a resounding success. Attendees left feeling empowered, with a better understanding of how to navigate their career paths in an ever-changing fashion industry.

Agnes, Laura and Elyssa, sitting on high stools in front of a floor to ceiling window, speaking at the LCF Alumni event.
Agnes, Laura and Elyssa speaking at the LCF Alumni event.