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LCFxMOBO: Rise With Us

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26 October 2015

Earlier this month we announced a collaboration between LCF and the MOBO Awards, as part of their new initiative: Rise With Us. This year MOBO celebrates its 20th anniversary, and is showcasing and supporting individuals, whatever their chosen path in the creative arts may be – not just music. We’ve been working together with MOBO to develop the relationship between fashion and music of black origin.


After two decades of influencing generations of musicians to aspire to greatness, MOBO Season has been hosting some ground-breaking cultural and educational events to inspire people working in all areas of the creative industry. In the lead up to the 2015 awards and under the Rise With Us banner, MOBO aims to celebrate ethnically diverse culture, and both established and future talent from across the arts.

Florence Adepoju, Cosmetic Science alumna and founder of MDMFlow

We have spent the past month talking to LCF students, staff and alumni about their ideas on diversity within the fashion industry, and the relationship between fashion and music. They also spoke to us about their work and experiences, as well as the ways in which being from a diverse cultural background influences, informs and inspires creativity.

Darla Gilroy, Programme Director Design and Craft courses at LCF

The Rise With Us campaign also marks the launch of the MOBO fellowship scheme. Working with top creative industry partners including LCF, MOBO will create opportunities for future generations of talent across the arts. More information on this continuing relationship will follow. Kanya King MBE, CEO & founder of the MOBO Organisation said:

We are delighted to be launching this exciting season of initiatives and proud to have the support of so many great organisations such as the CIF, ITV, BFI, Warehouse, The National Theatre, CCSkills, the London College of Fashion and the British Library among many others. The Creative Industries Federation report highlighted how much can be done to address the lack of diversity across the industry and the exciting season and the amazing opportunities created by the fellowships are evidence that the industry is ready to join hands and make positive contributions.

Hear from more LCF people on the LCFxMOBO YouTube playlist.