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LCFMA21: MA Fashion Curation

  • Written byJ Tilley
  • Published date 02 March 2021

Showing remarkable resilience and creativity, this cohort of graduates have adapted to showcasing their projects within a digital space, incorporating into their work hopeful messages for the future. The new School of Media and Communication platform developed in collaboration with Twomuch Studio reflects an innovative approach to design, allowing the viewer to feel immersed and connected to each project. View the platform. We have collated a preview of some of the projects from this year's MA Fashion Curation LCFMA21 cohort.

Nani Ki Sari by Niyati Hirani

Pheriwalas is a Hindi term used to define pedlars selling from town to town on the doorstep. This project is a response to a personal story of my late grandmother’s sari. While residing in Rajasthan (West), Grandmother was able to build her own silk sari collection, which seemed to be either from East or South. On further investigation, I uncovered that a pheriwala used to sell a variety of silk saris at her home. Hence, reflecting upon the larger role of Pheriwalas before the late 20th century India, an online exhibition and an archive has been proposed.

collage image, three phone UI mockups that read 'are you more artistic or more fashionable?' with images left to right - Alexander McQueen 'coiled corset, Jose Dammers 'Golden Swan' and Jean Paul Gaultier 'Pain Couture'
Tirosh Yellin - MA Fashion Curation, 'CONFAASHION' by Tirosh Yellin - MA Fashion Curation
, London College of Fashion, UAL
CONFAASHION by Tirosh Yellin

Are you more artistic or more fashionable? CONFAASHION is a quiz which categorizes its participants’ aesthetic outlook within Fashion or Art according to their interpretation of the objects in question. It aspires to convey a different approach to online museum engagement and suggests a new way of communication with e-visitors. Created during the Covid-19 outbreak, CONFAASHION aims to deliver a light-hearted experience during lockdown and also encourage the reluctant-visitor of the physical museum to gain new whimsical knowledge of the self Take the quiz.

close up of intricate red royal robe garment with gold embroidery and jewels
Eleni Chasioti - MA Fashion Curation, 'Narrating a personal museum experience: Film as a means of interpreting visits and memory in Greek museums that hold dress collections' by Eleni Chasioti - MA Fashion Curation
, London College of Fashion, UAL
Narrating a personal museum experience: Film as a means of interpreting visits and memory in Greek museums that hold dress collections by Eleni Chasioti

The hypothesis that objects that relate to one’s past, national identity and autobiography remain unknown and unexplored dictated a rather personal, reflective research approach. Visits to five Greek museums have been documented using video, photography and moving image tools with a focus on capturing and interpreting the impact of the personal museum experience. The collected footage has been used to make a film that examines the ideas of the museum experience, marginalised dress and the process of slower and closer looking as a learning tool.

Manifesto On Collecting by Khulood Althani

This research is a “Manifesto on Collecting” in the material culture of the United Arab Emirates related to dress, in particular, a foreign item of menswear that has prompted further investigation. The first phase of this research is focused on the interrogation of the object itself which eventually turned into a two ways process. The more I investigated the object, the more it pushed me to explore my own identity, which led to the understanding of how the object reached the Emirates, the meanings associated with it and the logic behind the terminology it carries and, finally, to reclaiming this object as an Emirati style.

The object’s investigation led to the development of the second phase, which is focused on the “Manifesto on Collecting” through understanding the overall collecting practice within the UAE, the behaviour and attitudes of the community towards the collecting practice, clarifying the role and the position of the museums and highlighting the importance of the material culture related to clothes.

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