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LCFMA17 season kicks off with MA Costume Design for Performance show at Sadler’s Wells

The Little Mermaid by Li Xiong. Photography: Paul Bevan
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09 December 2016

Earlier this week we kicked of LCFMA17 season with the annual MA Costume Design for Performance show at Sadler’s Wells. The audience were taken on a journey of performance, influenced and inspired by poetry, literature, film and folktale. Each of the unique pieces spoke of character, concepts and emotion through the incredible costume design and movement. Below, we share some photos from each of the performances.

In the first act we saw Dream by Xiaolin Jiao and Knife and Bucket Stories by Sara Rodrigues.

Followed by A Fisherman’s Tale by Maya Gewily, and One, No One and One Hundred Thousand by Veronica Toppino.

And it finished with Heloise by Chloe Gervais and The Little Mermaid by Li Xiong.

The second act began with Weaving Your own Skin by Chiara Vicini and Lasso of Truth by Corinne Brothers.

Followed by No Exit – Hell is Other People by Yi Zhang and The Eagle Has Two Heads by Sy-Yu Chen.

And finished with The Distance of the Moon by Crystal Baker-Manning and De Winter by Kathleen Nellis.

Photography by Paul Bevan using a SONY A7rll.

Congratulations to all of the students involved. Stay tuned for more on LCFMA17, including the graduate spotlight series. Watch the trailer for the show below: