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Pixelated face
Pixelated face
Class of 2020
Written by
J Tilley
Published date
02 August 2020
Hannah Cooper from BA Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

My HOMESHOW film is a combination of work in progress videos, both showing my physical and digital progress from my final two terms working on my BA collection. I began to push myself to use a wide variety of digital visualization tools with the outbreak of COVID 19, as we were not able to go back into the studios. This actually worked in my favour as I managed to find my personal workflow and aesthetic! A symbiosis of physical and digital craft! I believe that we need to combine the emotional, cultural and creative values of craft with technology to create a meaningful vision for the future of the fashion industry.

'My project mantra is seeing 360° in the distort world. Deceptive, false and misleading information is fully shared in several social media. It is, therefore, important for us to read more and be educated to distinguish the truth and false news. Only by fully understanding the completed story and critical thinking could we avoid us from the falling trap. Seeing 360° addresses this phenomenon by widening the vision to get an all-inclusive idea. Being an independent thinker is crucial nowadays. Look all around and think 360°. '⁠⠀

Paul Strand from BA Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design & Innovation

COLOMB is a winter shoe brand that champions creativity and freedom of expression, in the face of severe weather conditions. The concept is a reaction to the current winter shoe market, which is saturated with dark, clunky and frankly quite boring alternatives. The brand provides contemporary, high-quality footwear, aimed to inspire and emphasise individual style as well as keep your feet warm. Sharp silhouettes fused together with high performance thermo-materials is what makes the brand unique. The signature crampons are functional, detachable and pushes the boundaries of imagination for anyone who feels that fashion doesn’t freeze, at sub-degree temperatures. ⁠⠀


Riccardo Pillon from MA Fashion Curation

This project is composed of a dissertation and exhibition proposal that lie at the core of the current debate on rethinking and re-imagining identities that go beyond the normative constructs of gender. The aim of this investigation is to use exhibition display and landscape to address museological concerns related to the representation of gender non-conforming identities in fashion exhibitions and history as well as help undermining the binary interpretation of gender and its reflections on museological practices.

⁠The research focuses on the fundamental role costumes and self-adornments play in the practice of London-based artists Victoria Sin and Ayesha Tan-Jones in deconstructing the dominant, patriarchal, and colonial understanding of gender. ⁠⠀

Kelly Chong from BA Fashion Jewellery

Lei Jiang from BA Fashion Textiles: Print

A seasonless fashion textiles collection illustrates the combination of the future vision of an underwater world and evolved human civilization.
A hypothetical world sets at the situation of disappearance of land.

⁠Rebecca Nurse from BA Creative Direction for Fashion

Modern Witchcraft provides tools that can be effectively used as a form of self-care to relieve anxiety. The Witches’ Wheel is a series of eight zines. By using the Wheel of the Year as a template for this routine of rituals for self-care ensures the user is self-reflecting and gaining guidance following a clear structure. ⁠This project shows how to engage an audience in Modern Witchcraft to teach guidance and self-reflection for their self-care journey.

The project is authentic to Witchcraft whilst communicating a new Modern aesthetic to encourage ethical practices and rituals that re-enchant everyday life. It translates a visual aesthetic for Modern Witchcraft and an opportunity to learn Witchcraft rituals and practices that aid self-care through the guidance of the Witches’ Wheel of the Year.  ⁠

Xiaomin Xie from BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

'Marry to the nature.'

Hyesun Lee from BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Innovation⁠

HEYHYE is semi-bespoke woman footwear brand which aims for offering different fits of shoes which suit to an individual customer. HEYHYE believe there is no same feet shape but also, the different character of humans. ⁠The 2020 ‘Planet’ collection of HEYHYE is inspired from the planet where we live and spread to the other distinguishing planets.

Exploring the geometric curving shapes of topography and surface texture are the main design ideas. The 2020 ‘Planet’ collection of 9 shoes have different topics such as Earth, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Collecting the interesting texture and shapes of surface of planets, the collection developed to different textile and materials.   ⁠

Kennedy Cutter from BA Hair and Makeup for Fashion

Tapestry is an exploration of heritage and finding one’s spiritual inheritance.  For this project I explored the intricacies of three fourteenth century tapestries I found at the Victoria and Albert museum which portrayed biblical scenes, hunts, and important genealogies.  This project also explores the tangential relationship between identity and familial history. ⁠

Hannah Beach from MA Fashion Curation

My exhibitions aim was to present objects using prominent ideology of the period, particularly the idea of cultural fragmentation or ‘collage’. The uniting theme was ‘variety show as metaphor for the metropolis’ and was to be reflected in the venue choice and object selection. 1920s Berlin presented a city of oppositions, from political left and right, the clash of high and low culture and the liberated but equally suppressed ‘New woman’. As such exhibition material was to be collaged together in space to reflect and consolidate some of the polarities within Weimar culture relating to dress and popular culture.'⁠