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LCFBA18: get to know 10 womenswear designers from this year’s graduating class

LCFBA18- get to know 10 womenswear designers from this year’s graduating class
LCFBA18- get to know 10 womenswear designers from this year’s graduating class
LCFBA18- get to know 10 womenswear designers from this year’s graduating class
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31 May 2018

Continuing our LCFBA18 season we turn our attention to Womenswear designers from this season. We spoke to students from BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology Womenswear, BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development, and BA (Hons) Fashion Pattern Cutting to find out about their final project and time at LCF, ahead of our LCFBA18 show, which is being streamed onto our website and Twitter, as well as being streamed in 360 on YouTube.

LCFBA18 is taking place at Oval Space, east London, between 5-6 June.

LCFBA18 is taking place at Oval Space, east London, between 5-6 June.

First up is Joao Elias who studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design Part Time.  He describes his work as “Surrealist and Graphic” with tailoring, draping, print and embroidery. Joao was born in Brazil where he completed my first fashion degree in 2007. After few years working in the industry he decided to move to London to develop an international fashion career. Completing his second fashion degree at LCF has given him a global education and employment background. About his time at LCF Joao told us: “It was extremely challenging but so satisfying. The fact I have done a first degree already I honestly thought it would be almost impossible to finish a second one, however every single project I was exposed at LCF injected me with  energy to carry on learning and improving my skills and writing. I feel prepared to work in the industry with a mature vision and the technical knowledge required to stand out as a professional”.

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Carolina Raquel studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development. Her project is about the relationship between our garments and ourselves, focusing on displacement, wrongness and memory. About her time at LCF she told us: “LCF is a place that gives us freedom to discover ourselves and what we want by being exposed to diverse design briefs, aesthetics, market levels that allow us to shape ourselves as designers and decide what creative direction we are heading to. Specially towards final year where you have tutors’ support but you make your own informed decisions. Also, LCF is situated in an industry context, which allows us to have a strong contact not only with an academic environment and network, but also with the real world”.

Designer: Carolina Raquel. Photography @jamesrees assisted by @ameliababbla. Creative Director Rob Phillips @robunett. Project Manager @cahoo .Beauty @kirsty_gaston. Set design @johannesdaniel. Model @kelly.capuano

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Bennie Khuat studied BA (Hons) Pattern Cutting. She told us that “tension”, is the main inspiration of her final collection. She describes it as – luxurious materials and finishings, ready to wear, mix and match. About her time at LCF she told us: “studying at LCF has brought me tons of experience that I will never forget.”

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Eve Shumin Chen from BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear told us she can sleep for 20 hours a day! But in the time where she’s not been sleeping she has created a clean and natural final collection, which focuses on the body and movement. She describes her time at LCF as: “Happy, stressful, tiring but enjoyed it”.

Designer: Eve Shumin Chen. Photographer: Jovana Mladenovic. Model: Jing Hu. Hair & Make Up: Asami Oba. Stylist: Jess Zhang

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Suhee Jeong studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear. Suhee describes her work as: revival, new liberation and moving relationship. Suhee likes to mix modern beauty and ugly, and see what happens between their reaction – change, discovery and making something unpredictable is the most interesting part. We asked her about her time at LCF and she said: “The LCF life was sometimes very hard but worth it. I kept looking into myself and developing my work in fashion design”.

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BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear student Eldyra Taya based her final project on a book by John Berger called “Ways of Seeing”. It’s about changing the mindset on what we know, or what we believe to know, into what we see. It celebrates culture and traditions from a new angle combining exaggeration and subtlety. About her time at LCF Eldyra told us “It has been a quick journey and without you realizing it you have learn and grow so much as an individual. At LCF I feel like we are responsible for ourselves – all you need is some determination, imagination and of course good tutors and friends who believe in you. LCF pushed me to be more imaginative and experimental, and it’s not just because of the course, but also because you are surrounded with amazing creative people”.

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Jihoon Lim studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear and a few terms to describe his final project  would be: beyond gender boundaries, tech-wear, motorcycle accident, my personal trauma. About his time at LCF Jihoon told us: “At LCF, I was able to steadily evolve my design identity and asthetics”.

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“A new perspective on uniform for business women who work in fast paced, high pressure industries. Surf luxe. For women who are champions everyday. Streamline!” – a few terms to sum up Molly Dilkes final collection, She studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear at LCF. She describes her time at LCF as “fast paced, high pressure but very rewarding”.

Photography – Jackson Bowley. Make up – Grace Ellington. Hair – Hannah Godley. Casting – Isa Conroy.

Soorhee (Jaehwa Rhee) did BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear at LCF and created work based on fibre art and womenswear. He is aiming to create eco-friendly fashion with inspiration from his cultural background. Soorhee’s final collection looks at sustainability, culture, Korean culture, and the extraordinary. On his time at LCF he says: “it was a brilliant time to develop myself as a designer”.

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Jordan Charles studeid BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development. Charlie’s final collection features repeating a shape to create a new one,  the shape being duchaumps fountain. Each time he cut a new one he added  a dart or a seam so it fit the body, and each stitch line creates curve and emphasises the body. The collection is a patchwork piece, mixing Jordan’s designs and concept with Marianna’s who studied Print Textiles. Bold colours and print pieces create a mish-mash of lines, strokes and silhouettes. “I wanted the collection to be fun, cheeky and not take itself too seriously, kind of like me” says Jordan. About his time at LCF he told us: “My first two years I was a terrible student, my course leader will vouch for me on that one, then after placement year I really started to develop as a designer and start finding my own aesthetic. As cliche as it sounds, I figured out why I wanted to study fashion, because its fun and you can make it entirely your own. LCF has been great as its got such variety of people and disciplines, my advice is to enjoy it and don’t take yourself too seriously. Final year has been the best, creative freedom and putting everything you’ve learned over the years into your final project is really exciting”.

Models: Bertie Walker and Brooke Madsen

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