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LCF19: BA Fashion Design and Development Class of 2019


Written by
Jesse T. and Alexandra R.
Published date
15 July 2019

After kicking off #LCF19 graduate season with the School of Media and Communication exhibition, it's now time to focus on our next show. Graduates from School of Design and Technology have come together to prepare the biggest show we've ever had, with catwalks, exhibitions and workshops to showcase their final collections. In the lead up to the event, we've been catching up with the students to hear more about their projects and what they're most excited about starting their professional careers in the fashion industry.

They will showcase their creations at Here East on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 July 2019. You can see the show via our live stream on the website and keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates.

A preview of the LCF19 BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development collections below…

Amaani Niazi - @one.andthesame

‘Home-wear’ is a homage to 1970’s British suburbia. It touches on my own upbringing in a 70s built suburb, and an infatuation with this decade as a culturally and socially significant era. The idea of having one gender fluid design is very present in this collection, with garments free from gendered labels, giving the wearer the freedom to choose what they desire to wear.

Credits - Photographer: Jessica Menace; HMUA: Alana Davison; Models: Poppy Faun Francis and Tuval Schneerson

Christele Mbosso - @maisonmbosso

‘Skaters of Africa’ is Maison Mbosso’s first collection. I took inspiration from the growing skateboarding communities in Africa, creating a mismatched look through textiles and layering details, also reinterpreting traditional African garments. It feels like, right now, the fashion industry is shifting to be more in line with what consumers want, and that is exciting — I am looking forward to be part of a more sustainable and inclusive industry.

Credits - Photographer: Caro Wong; MUA: Frankie Daniella; Assistant: Nathan Guastella; Model: Edwin Louis

Christie Berry - @christie_berry

'High Life \ Low Life' is inspired by my experience of growing up with a personal style close to streetwear, using the idea of excess and glamour in over-designing and then minimising. Thinking of the future of fashion, I’m excited to see the industry push for a more collaborative approach, using the broader, creative sphere to innovate and ideate around sustainable and inspiring practices.

Credits - Photographer: Ellie Radford; Models: Jade van Kooten and Frankie

Huansi Yang - @lankayung

My project is about co-design fashion, by which some garments can be redesigned in various of ways by different individuals. The fashion industry has started to examine whether each step of our design and production process is sustainable — we’re now seeing more innovative design processes emerging, such as participatory design, which I’ve personally embraced as a designer.

Credits - Photographer: Niklas Haze; Assistant: Alex Kim; HMUA: Claudia Cheng; Model: Biba Williams

Huw Williams - @_huwwilliams

My collection is inspired by my upbringing on a farm in Wales. I used the farm as the main source of visual reference and developed unique yarn from the farm’s sheep. Doing so, I reflected on what it meant to me growing as a feminine boy in a masculine environment. The garments are made of eco, sustainable, recycled fabrics, as I truly believe this needs to be the focus in the future of fashion.

Credits - Photographer: Dylan Myers; Model: Louis.

Jessica Cao - @jessicacaospace

My collection ‘Where are you from?’ explores an emotional conversation as a woman as well as understanding my own cultural identity as part of the Chinese diaspora. I'm interested to see what fashion will mean in the future, especially with continuous challenging subjects, such as gender and feminism, and merging realms of the digital and physical.

Credits - Photographer: Mélanie Lehmann; HMUA: Ella Carter-Allen; Model: Tina Hzy

Loredana Pozzuto - @definedlondon

The concept for my collection ‘Age Of The Woman’ focuses solely on understanding the needs for different lifestyles of the modern woman, creating stylish and versatile womenswear that is suitable for in and out of the office. What makes this collection unique is the fact that the body is at the forefront of the design process, ensuring every garment fits women of all sizes.

Credits - Photographer: Alexandra Serena; Hair: Mariella Bertolone; MUA: Georgina Yates; Direction: Giorgia Concadoro; Stylist Assistant: Lidia Pozzuto; Model: Alessia Sophia Moscaritolo

Louise Binder - @labstudiobyloui

My collection 'Two Sides’ explores mental health issues through wearable technology, playing with the perception of the wearer and the viewer, questioning how textiles and materials can transport emotions and stimulate our senses. Creating a positive experience for the wearer with focus on comfort is the leading vision — the future is all about feeling!

Credits - Photographer: Damon Kaza

Nathan Micallef - @nm_nathanmicallef

My collection 'Citified Wonderer' targets the concept of minimising the differentiation between city living and nomad living, establishing a new group of individuals referred to as the ‘New day luxury nomads’. I'm very excited about discovering new technologies that will allow us to promote new practices in fashion through innovative design and ethical practices.