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LCF x Clubs and Societies: ABACUS, the Association of British and Chinese University Students

Logo for ABACUS society
Logo for ABACUS society
ABACUS: Association of British and Chinese University Students
Written by
Fanny Allart
Published date
01 August 2019

ABACUS: Association of British and Chinese University Students is a society that embraces both British and Chinese culture across all colleges at UAL. Founded in 2015, the society provides a place for creative minds to meet and exchange, promoting the Chinese culture. ABACUS organises a variety of events all year long, offering an opportunity for students to showcase their talents in the Asian art scene. We caught up with Costume for Performance third year student Emily Chung, who is Treasurer of the society.

What is ABACUS about?

Our society invites British born and international Asians, as well as students who appreciate Far Eastern culture. We usually go on events to spend time all together, like clubbing or other activities that we plan. These events include events collaborating with many other ABACUS societies from other universities in London.

What is your role in the society? 

As society Treasurer, I participated in the planning and budgeting of the events. It is a great experience because I have learnt many skills such as leadership and effective organisation skills.

What has being part of society brought to your student experience? 

Being part of a society makes you feel like part of a community! I have become close to our committee members and have enjoyed working with them to plan events for the society. I have met great people in the society with all kind of amazing skills!

What is your favourite thing about the society? 

I really enjoyed organising and planning events and seeing them unfold. It’s great to make people meet and have a great time together. But I think what I really love is meeting new people and building close relationships with the other members.

What have you learned during your time at LCF?

During my time at LCF, I learned to work hard and to not give up, not until the end of the deadline.

What advice would you give to new students?

Take time to enjoy what student life has to offer! Be bold, experiment and do things you would’ve never felt comfortable doing before. The next three years will go by in a flash, so enjoy it!