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LCF student wins Fashion Matters Bursary Award

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19 June 2015

We caught up with MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation student and winner of the Fashion Matters Bursary Award, Thushara Sabreen to find out how the award will benefit her in the

LCF News: What course did you study at LCF?

Thushara Sabreen: MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation

LCF News: Why did you choose that course?

TS: Having worked in industry I was seeking a new direction which will enable me to focus on my interestsThe course description seemed to be the perfect fit for what I was looking for : an opportunity to explore and innovate.

LCF News: Why did you choose London College of Fashion?

TS: I always wondered what it would be like to join LCF it’s a dream realised and Im glad to be here.

LCF News: Can you tell us about the Fashion Matters Bursary Award and how you found out about it? 

TS: I found out about the bursary through an email received inviting me to attend a briefing about the award.

These bursaries have been made possible by the Fashion Matters fundraising campaign at London College of Fashion. There are two bursaries of £1500 each available to postgraduate students who may require support with travel costs in order to carry out research for their course or so that they may take up a work experience opportunity.

LCF News: What was the brief for the competition?

TS: The brief requirement was to submit a written statement of up to 300 words, stating what I was doing/planning to do and how the award would benefit my project.

LCF News: Can you tell us a bit about the work you submitted?

TS: Part of the research for my dissertation will be looking at revitalising the traditional spirit of the handloom craft industry.  I am presently  collaborating with UCL (University College London) to create a piece of wearable technology combining traditional artisanal fabrics made by hand.   I am seeking to create a  contemporary range of bespoke shoes and scarves which will be integrated with wearable technology. The pieces created will be value enhancing (technology seamlessly integrated) bringing meaning and reflection with the aim of generating consumer engagement.   By offering new dimensions entwining the  traditional with a modern twist the aim is to create a platform generating greater appreciation of artisan craft and sustain heritage.

LCF News: What were the inspirations behind your work?

TS: Having spent time out in Sri Lanka and seeing the vibrant hues of intense colours in the handloom fabrics has inspired me to build on seeking innovative ways to bring ailing heritage crafts to the forefront. 

LCF News: What have you won?

TS: Bursary of £1500!

LCF News: How does it feel to be given this award?

TS: Amazing! It was a nice surprise and I am certainly grateful for the opportunity.  Its fantastic the college supports us.

LCF News: How do you plan on using the award?

TS: The bursary will provide me the opportunity to travel out to Sri Lanka enabling me to meet with the artisans, explore the opportunities  and the unique experience of immersive learning will propel my design thinking and enhance visibility of explorative entrepreneurship opportunities to collaborate and innovate.

LCF News: What’s next for your future career?

TS: As I look towards the future I’d love to be immersed in an environment which encourages continuous innovation and learning.