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LCF student selected as winner of V&A x Alexander McQueen illustration competition

Vanessa So Wing Ni’s winning illustration
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13 February 2015

Congratulations to LCF student Vanessa So Wing Ni, BA Fashion Design and Marketing, who has been selected as one of the winners of the V&A x Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Illustration Competition.

Students from LCF, alongside participating colleges from UAL, were invited to create an illustration inspired by an Alexander McQueen collection, moment or specific outfit.

Vanessa So Wing Ni's winning illustration

Vanessa So Wing Ni’s winning illustration

LCF news caught up with Vanessa to find out more about her winning illustration…

LCF News: What comes to mind when you hear the name Alexander McQueen?

V: One of Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows was the first fashion show I had ever watched in my life while I was in secondary school, and this is what brought me all the way from Hong Kong to study fashion in London.

As I was a dancer before, I especially admire the fashion shows of McQueen. I would say it is more like a performance. Using performances to present the mood of collections, with his braveness of garment making and tailor skills, he is one of my favorite designers.

LCF News: What medium did you use to create your piece? Is it something you usually work with, and if not, how did you choose it?

V: I used pencil, marker and acrylic on “Coiled over paper”. I usually use pencil because I always have one stuck in my hair. However, my drawings are not limited by any medium. Sometimes I use tea packs or sugar or even through a balloon with ink to the paper. In this piece of illustration I want to show a strong, sharp and metallic feeling so I chose those medium to draw.

LCF News: In the brief you were asked to choose an Alexander McQueen collection, moment or specific outfit to draw inspiration from. Which did you choose and why?

V: The “Coiled” Corset from one of Alexander McQueen’s earlier collections, Autumn/Winter 1999-2000 ‘The Overlook’. Combining jewelry design to garment, this body jewelry gave a very strong look of McQueen. The collection was presented inside a snowing glass room. The collection and the garment are still influencing today’s fashion industry, performing arts and jewelry designs.

LCF News: What was the thought process behind your work?

To show details, accuracy and craftsmanship of the “coiled” corset, single lines in pencil presenting accuracy; mixing of markers and silver acrylic show reflection of the aluminum. McQueen’s garments are for people who love fashion and are truly innovative.

LCF News: How does winning this competition make you feel?

It is such an honour for my work to be used to represented in the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition. I can’t wait to see my illustration in V&A.

Vanessa’s illustration will be sold in V&A shop during the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition.