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LCF Outreach: introducing the young rising stars of sustainable fashion

LCF Outreach x primary schools project
LCF Outreach x primary schools project

Written by
Alexandra R. Cifre
Published date
26 June 2019

Students from Southwold Primary School and Orchard Primary School in Hackney joined the LCF Outreach team to learn more about sustainability. During the session, led by LCF students and graduates, the young audience heard about what goes behind the fashion industry and how developing a conscious approach to the clothes we wear can make a positive impact, regardless of our age.

The primary students from East London also had the opportunity to show their creativity: inspired by what they had learned during the session, they created cool and meaningful fashion campaigns. With clever styling, playing with words and images, the results were worthy of reaching the cover page of any prestigious fashion magazine. Keisha Nelson, Deputy Headteacher at Southwold Primary School, thanked LCF Outreach team for "such an enriching, learning experience," also adding:

The fact that all the children got really involved from the very beginning of the session proves that this generation is willing to embrace change.

LCF Outreach team are carrying out activities with schools in East London as part of UAL's commitment to nurture the artists and designers of the future.

LCF x East London primary students