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LCF News talks to Kering Award Finalist


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11 May 2015

As part of LCF’s partnership with Kering, the world leader in apparel and accessories, students were asked to submit a proposal for the chance to win €10,000 and a placement within the Kering brands. We caught up with Kering Award finalist Ingrid Rautemberg, MA Fashion Futures, to find out about the work she submitted and her inspirations…


LCF News: Can you summarise for me the project you’ve proposed/are working on for Kering?

Ingrid Rautemberg: I know that bioplastics has been out there, but not well explored. My goal is to come up with different formulas of bioplastic that can be used in every aspect of fashion, from printing to weaving, from shoes to bags, from embroidery to embellishments. All my formulas are 100% natural. To achieve a high quality product that implies the total avoidance of harming any kind of living organisms on the planet in the making and disposing of it. Bioplastic is not well explored yet and it can be used in unlimited ways in the fashion industry.  Luxury goods can have the ability to be not just modern and  trendy, but also smart and innovative

LCF News: What’s the inspiration behind your project/piece?

IR: The inspiration came with the idea of escaping. I have a passion for the ocean, and to see all that plastic pollution it feels hopeless. Also how to bring innovation + sustainability to fashion with a high end price tag? I did a lot research on bioplastics, but there is very little information about it and I decided to research all areas in the fashion industry that can take advantage of this idea without hurting the quality of the product, and of course the environment.


LCF News: Why did you choose to study MA Fashion Futures?

IR: I’ve been looking for an MA for years, literally too long. I decided to go with Fashion Futures because it is far more exciting when you make your own materials for your garments. It will be more personal and you can really express your ideas in a much more innovative way. Let’s put it this way, while some students think about next year, we from Fashion Futures, have to think on the next few decades or maybe century

LCF News: Why do you think it’s important that companies like Kering consider sustainable issues?

IR: I believe in the future, companies will have to have by law a certain amount of sustainable practices and prove that they are doing their part, but now is the time to start. Fashion is not in a very sustainable place right now, for many reasons. Kering is thinking about the future now and they know that luxury can be smart.

LCF News: What does an opportunity like the Kering award mean to you and why does it matter?

IR: It means the world because opportunities like this don’t happen very often. It is an honor to be able to introduce my ideas to a company like Kering. I feel motivated enough to work hard to come up with ideas of innovation.