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LCF Graduates create virtual fashion showroom for debut collection

pablo antoli 2
pablo antoli 2
Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
07 August 2015

Two LCF BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development graduates have created an online virtual fashion showroom for their AW15 collection after founding fashion brand REIN London.

Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson met whilst studying at London College of Fashion, they founded REIN London in 2013 shortly after graduating and being featured in the BA14 show. Their debut Resort16 collection explores an amalgamation of chaos, unchallenged intricacy and beautiful fascination of the far east. REIN have created a virtual showroom that offers a new format to exploring online sales for collections, they are now looking to partner with Google 360 technology to further develop the idea.

The homepage of the virtual fashion showroom for REIN, created by LCF ALumnae Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson

The homepage of the virtual fashion showroom for REIN, created by LCF graduates Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson

REIN have their entire collection online; to interact and explore the innovative collection you simply hover over it and click and you will be taken through the product page. The full collection can be viewed on one page, you then decide what garment you want to look into in more depth by clicking on it. This takes you to another virtual showroom with videos and pictures of the garment being modeled. If you see something you like, you are then asked to download a line sheet, fill in the pieces toy want and then drop REIN an email to make request. If you also like the model or make up, you can also click on their faces to find out what colour laborates are.

The pair have built a reputation of creating a collection that captures the essence of a strong, powerful women, a Joan of Arc heroine womenswear brand that has been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Charlie XCX, and Little Mix. The brand has also been identified as one of the ‘Ones to watch’ by The British Fashion Council. The collection portrays a contrast of hallucinogenic layers building upon one another to create and distort the tattoo-like body map designs through the use of sheer layers bonded with finely laser cut stretch fabrics.

Rebecca and Gemma said they wanted to the collection to highlight how the demale form has suffered as a victim to male gaze, showing objectification and a women’s struggle for equality. Prior to their collection launch, Rebecca gained valuable experience at Alexander Wang and Gemma at Christopher Raeburn, this helped them curate their collection. REIN are now building on from their current collection and past experience, looking into next season and a potential partnership with Google.