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LCF Graduate Futures host Alumni Comedy Night In virtual event

Image with lots of different groups of students collaborating on innovotive and engaging projects to enhance their career.
  • Written byM. Ashton
  • Published date20 January 2021
Image with lots of different groups of students collaborating on innovotive and engaging projects to enhance their career.
LCF Graduate Futures host Alumni Comedy Night In virtual event

— M. Ashton

LCF Graduate Futures recently hosted the first Alumni Comedy Night In, to say thank you for the continued support of the LCF alumni network over the last academic year. In appreciation of the resilience and collaborative ethos within LCF’s alumni community, this virtual event was an exclusive and intimate celebratory networking evening. Alumni and graduates in attendance were able to discuss prevalent issues in todays industry, sustainability, social selling, PR, communications and developing industry trends, with peers and industry experts.

Everyone was able squeeze some well-deserved joy and laughter out of the evening, which ended with a comedy show performance from London comedy circuit favourites, Dave Chawner and Alistair Barrie. This event brought together fashion, technology, business and education as we explored innovation and change in the creative industry; from business to design to media.

3 people standing next to a large electric globe, celebrating 2 other people switching it on.
Graduate Futures International Fashion Community Image. Illustrator, BA Fashion Imaging and Illustration Graduate Fiona Fung. Caption

Alumni had the opportunity to move between digital breakout group discussions.

  • Room 1, Sustainability: This first networking group was lead by Andrea Crump, Circular Economy Policy and Projects Officer at London Waste and Recycling Board. The discussion focused on the development and delivery of projects that help accelerate sustainability. 
    Ways to improve waste and resource management was a hot topic and gave an interesting opportunity for the group to talk about their own fashion projects that are helping to accelerate London’s transition to a circular economy.
  • Room 2, Social Selling: This group explored the importance of companies having both an online and offline presence. Facilitated by Rebecca Morter from Lone Design Club she shared insights on how the two had to co-existence for businesses to be sustainable in todays market. They discussed how this year has shown how consumers crave social interaction with the brands they buy from, looking at how trends project were smaller brands are in a much stronger position to win market share as they are able to more easily provide evidence of: authenticity, brand ethics, sustainability and transparency.
  • Room 3, Future Trends: Headed up by industry specialist, Tony Glenville, this community touched on how in the past, fashion trends in media set the tone for what consumers would buy. However in today's world, these trend-setters and the seasons no longer play as big a role as consumer focus is on brand values such as sustainability, inclusivity and integrity. They explored how these changes are impacting bigger brands, making it harder for them to maintain the positions of power and influence they have held for so long. There is now plenty of opportunity and space for smaller players, brands, producers and influencers to participate and make progress.

The notion of 'current trend' as we know it may be dying.

  • Room 4, PR and Communication: The final networking group was lead by Alison Lowe MBE, Founder of fashion agencies Felicities and Start Your Own Fashion Label. Their discussion focused on the importance of connection and engagement for a brands' PR strategies right now. Alison shared invaluable insights on brands who were creating exciting social media content and the role technology plays in this space, to support the talks. Alumni in this group explored the world of Avatars, the rise of CGI influencers, and the future of gaming in the world of fashion.
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