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LCF Class of 2022: Sanem Ozman uses AR to connect audience and designer

Digital landscape with people
  • Written byJ Tilley
  • Published date 10 August 2022
Digital landscape with people
See Beyond by BA (Hons) Fashion Photography graduate, Sanem Ozman.

We're continuing the LCF Class of 2022 showcase and celebration as we take a look at some of the work created by this year's graduating cohort. #LCFClassOf2022 showcased the best of graduating talent with a catwalk, salon shows and an exhibition at Truman Brewery with an extended list of fashion industry insiders attending. Work displayed from our business, design and media schools, included fashion, accessories, fashion film, fashion photography, VR experiences and more.

We're catching up with Sanem Ozman from BA (Hons) Fashion Photography to discuss her project 'See Beyond' - an AR experience designed to deepen the relationship between businesses and their audiences.

See Beyond by Sanem Ozman

I absolutely love the concept of ‘See Beyond’ —Why do you feel that there is a need for building a deeper connection between audience and designer within fashion?

I believe that once the buyer gets to know the brand or the designer on a deeper level than just visually, they build an emotional connection with the fashion piece they purchase. It is then more likely that they treat that piece with more love and care, instead of wearing it once or twice then tossing it away. I hope that by getting to know the designers inspirations and the brand ethos, the consumer will have more information on what they are buying and build a deeper connection. This way we can start to move away from fast fashion trends.

To that end, in the virtual showroom I have created you can see the initial toiles of the brands’ designs and the final garments together; placed in a purposefully designed environment in alignment with the brands’ aesthetics. The AR file consists of these designs together along with the brand manifesto and sketches to show the designers creative thought process.

You have particularly highlighted the difficulties surrounding young talent and big established brands – what challenges do young designers face?

During my time at LCF I’ve met many extremely talented students from other courses and most of them did not have the recognition they deserve. I think in today’s world, social media presence and online engagement is key to reaching more people and building an audience. Emerging creatives do not have the budgets of big established brands have so it’s harder for them to have physical stores or give ads in magazines etc. right away. But when it comes to social media, the reach is not limited by the people you know or your location. It’s possible to reach people around the world by just sharing your work and you can use this to build new connections in the long run. This is why this project was optimised to be shared online.

Digital landscape with people
See Beyond by BA (Hons) Fashion Photography graduate, Sanem Ozman.
You have used AR as the main focus of your project – why did you decide to look into AR and what do you think AR brings to the industry?

AR is a lot different than just looking at an image or watching a video. It immerses the viewer and helps them engage with the content on a different level. The content becomes more personal when the viewer opens up the AR file or filter in their own space. When the brand is experienced in the users space their world and the brand fuses together creating a unique connection. Again, the reach is not limited by time or place and becomes accessible to the masses.

Tell us about your time on the BA (Hons) Fashion Photography course – do you have any particular highlights or key moments that you will take away with you?

If it wasn’t for the course I don’t think I would have been motivated to get into the 3D work I’m doing right now. I’m very grateful for my friends and the staff who supported me during my three years here. I’ve made friends for life and met lots of talented creatives. I hope to continue making connections as alumni as well!

What are your plans for life after graduation?

I will be working on new projects I have in mind. I would love to keep exploring the possibilities of linking my practice of photography with 3D work and hopefully work with creatives I share similar goals with!