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2022 Summer School’s Kick off with LCF x University of Deusto’s ‘Fashion Law Management’

A sign made of large red letters making the word Bilbao, shot from high overlooking Bilbao city
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  • Published date 04 April 2022
A sign made of large red letters making the word Bilbao, shot from high overlooking Bilbao city

27 June - 1 July 2022

As part of UAL and Bilbao’s continuing strategic partnership, London College of Fashion x University of Deusto have collaborated on a unique and innovative summer school programme combining Deusto’s expertise in law and LCF’s expertise in fashion. To create a rich and varied programme that brings together world-leading industry and academic professionals, delivering a truly distinctive experience into how the realm of law and fashion are aligned. Creating opportunities for positive change and provoking the generation of new thinking and solutions which explores the main areas of business of fashion, data management, e-commerce, supply chains and big data.

Fashion is recognised as one of the pillars of a nation's identity, with dynamic and innovative companies that have become powerful economic drivers - Fashion Law Management lies at the heart of progress and provides a well-curated, practice-based insight into the legal and business aspects of our rapidly evolving sustainable fashion industry, spurred on by continued globalisation and the impact of new technologies.

The sector is increasingly complex, and thus needs dynamic and professional advice. This summer course not only brings together leading international experts from the business and legal domains, but also fashion professionals from established brands, start-ups, and crucially, the next generation of fashion entrepreneurship students, who will benefit from those in the legal sector to expand their knowledge in this field as well as update their understanding of the Fashion industries current legal and business practices.

With speakers from Loewe, Gucci, H&M, IMRG, IBM and Bird & Bird’s as well as University of Deusto and London College of Fashion, UAL. Develop and advance your global fashion legal education/career by enrolling now.

Fee of €800 includes lunch, travel and visits to Gertaria, Balenciaga Museum and the Guggenheim Museum.

View the event schedule.

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