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LCF alumna curates Royal Academy exhibition celebrating the iconic Martini

Martini Legends 14
Martini Legends 14
Copyright 2014 Ravi Sidhu. All rights reserved., Giant cocktail glass and shaker at the Martini exhibition. Curated by LCF graduate Tory Turk
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10 August 2014
Giant cocktail glass and shaker at the Martini exhibition. Curated by LCF graduate Tory Turk

Giant cocktail glass and shaker at the Martini exhibition – Curated by LCF graduate Tory Turk

An exhibition curated by LCF MA in Fashion Curation graduate Tory Turk is being held at the Royal Academy, using art to celebrate the role of James Bond’s favourite drink in popular culture, the Martini.

The History of the Martini lets visitors climb into a giant cocktail glass in the manner of Dita Von Teese, taking immersive experiences to new heights. Alongside Dita, eight public figures and characters who have been linked to the classic cocktail will be represented by an original installation.

Tory said her inspiration for the immersive aspects came from the group of 1920s bohemian socialites nicknamed the Bright Young Things, who went on late-night treasure hunts through London. She wanted to create a show that involved its visitors in the exhibits.

Speaking about working on the history of the Martini exhibition, she said:

“People often just walk around exhibitions without really taking it in. But here you have to stop and think and engage. I thought it would be great to have Bright Young Things of today re-imagine the Martini and craft something new. I’m not a cocktail historian but it’s about taking something that’s been covered before and giving it a beautiful new aesthetic. It’s art not artefacts.”

Other interactive elements include exploring a cupboard full of props, watching a film from inside a giant cocktail shaker, listening to a custom-made soundtrack and sniffing Martinis from different eras in “smell pods”. Rather than the exhibits be labelled, guests will be given a map and clues to work out which artwork represents which person.

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