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LCF 2016 Highlights: Outreach and east London


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23 December 2016

The Outreach team at LCF works with young people in partner schools and further education colleges in Greater London, whose parent(s) or guardians have not completed a university degree. We support students to apply and progress on to our courses or other courses within the University. Ahead of our move to Stratford, we are also expanding on our work within the local communities of east London, in the boroughs surrounding the new LCF site.

Below we share some of the highlights from this year’s outreach programmes and our work in east London.

LCF x Waltham Forest College

London College of Fashion delivered styling and photography workshops onsite, at Waltham Forest College to students studying art, design and fashion. Students worked with denim to create shoots and considered all the elements required to make a successful photo shoot, and the team at LCF were impressed with the outcome. Two of the students involved, Kyle and Amanda, went on to feature in the Guardian, in a feature called, What we teenagers wore this week.


Read the full article on the Guardian website.

Summer School at LCF

Students from secondary schools and FE colleges across London attended a five day summer school at London College of Fashion to explore fashion styling, photography, make-up and creative direction. The Summer School aimed to equip with new skills, develop their understanding about art and design at higher education and to help them produce works for portfolios. The brief included a visit to Judy Blame: Never Again exhibition at the ICA. Watch their response in the clip below:

LCF x Create London

Over the summer LCF collaborated with Create London, to deliver an Introduction to the Waistcoat class, to students at Barking and Dagenham College, as part of a series of bespoke tailoring workshops. Create London is a social enterprise that seeks to explore the ways artists can contribute to the lives of people in cities and they are currently working on an extensive project celebrating the life and work of Hardy Amies. Three LCF students currently have their work on display in an exhibition about Amies’ life, at Valence House in Dagenham.

Illustration of Bowen Zhan's work "Adaptive Explorer"

Illustration of Bowen Zhan’s work “Adaptive Explorer”

Read more about it on the blog.