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Join the new LCF Student Committee

Students talking at Fashion Means Business 2019 by Fashion Innovation Agency at Spitalfields Market.
  • Written byLondon College of Fashion
  • Published date 06 November 2023
Students talking at Fashion Means Business 2019 by Fashion Innovation Agency at Spitalfields Market.
Students talking at Fashion Means Business 2019 by Fashion Innovation Agency at Spitalfields Market.

Are you interested in event coordinating and planning? Then why not join the new LCF Student Committee starting in January 2024. Committee members will be involved in various activities and events across the College with plenty of opportunities to help create, give input and host student events that deliver the best experiences for students studying at LCF.

Student Committee Member – Role Description

London College of Fashion, UAL’s Student Committee helps coordinate and organise events and activities, with an emphasis on coordinating and revising student community events that are already happening and that fit within the student journey across the academic year. It aims to strengthen and empower student voices in discussions and decision-making regarding all student activities and events within the College. At meetings, students work alongside staff to make decisions about what community activities are needed, how best to allocate resources like the 'Student Community Fund' (or something similar), and what we can do to improve student life at LCF.


  • Gather student data on events and activities using LCF course reps/student focus group data, and Arts SU data on clubs and societies.
  • Ensure that the student’s voice permeates every aspect of future programming for the College.
  • Co-ordinate a schedule of meaningful events and activities that align with Student Engagement priority areas, e.g., Identity and Belonging/Community, Connected Learning, and Creative Campus.
  • Develop a student-led meeting structure for the committee which encourages a regularised programme of activities and events through student-to-student communication and collaboration.

What does a Student Committee Member do?

As a member of the Student Committee, you are responsible for the overall development and management of student community activities, and promotion of events created. The Student Committee works in conjunction with the LCF Student Transition and Retention Group, which is chaired by Annamarie Mckie, Associate Dean of Student Experience, to develop a coherent offer of events that is led and agreed upon by LCF students.

We are recruiting committee members who will be responsible for:

  • Creating a comprehensive event plan including goals/desired outcomes and theme of the event
  • Creating and agreeing on a comprehensive funding plan, inclusive of all estimated expenses of the sub-committees
  • Communicating regularly on the progress of the event / activity
  • Supporting all events/activities, i.e., program, food, communication plan etc.
  • Determining how to solicit/raise additional funds if needed
  • Supporting Arts SU clubs, societies and liberation groups
  • Event evaluation and follow up

Sub Committees will be created when appropriate to the project/event taking place.

Why become a Student Committee Member?

Being a member of LCF’s Student Committee provides a wealth of experience that you can take into the world of work. From time management to enhanced organisation skills, you are sure to develop as a person. Additionally, you will be part of a group that represents the LCF student population, help share students’ ideas, interests showcasing them through events that focuses on the holistic growth of the student experience and community initiatives.

Depending on the role you take you may gain a number of the below-listed transferable skills:

  • Leadership
  • Confidence in speaking to others
  • Event management and promotion
  • Time Management
  • Understanding of budgeting
  • Developing communication and leadership skills, responsibility and accountability
  • Assisting in the planning of events and projects for a large cohort of students

What we expect from members:

Student Committee Members need to meet to ensure that there is a centralised vision that represents the various student communities/bodies. You will have been elected, or co-opted in a fair manner, to deliver the best experiences for students studying at LCF. By meeting regularly, committee members recalibrate their goals and properly plan events. Some events might take longer to plan, you might need to apply for more money or order decorations, and these tasks take time.

What support will I receive?

Working together with staff and other members of the committee you will get a better understanding of the College processes/procedures and be able to bounce ideas off each other. There is plenty of support on hand and we look forward to working as a community to deliver the best LCF student experience possible.

How do I become a Student Committee Member?

Students can stand for election or submit a student that they want to suggest.

Standing for election 

To stand you need to submit your details on the standing form, ensuring your name and email address are correct so that we can contact you about your candidacy.

Once you have submitted your nomination the page will update and state that you are now standing as a member of the LCF Student Committee. You will then be contacted when standing has ended.

If you need any support with putting yourself forward, please email Sachan Popo-Williams at

Suggest a student

If you feel like standing in this election isn't for you, but you know someone who might be great for the role, you can give them a bit of encouragement to put themself forward by completing our ‘Suggest a student form’.

After you suggest them, we will send them an email letting them know that someone thinks they should stand (don't worry, you do have the option to remain anonymous). This could give someone the encouragement they need!

Sign up today! Deadline Friday 29 December 2023.