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Inviting a Mare to Mare Street, celebrating Earth Day 2022

a pony
  • Written byN Brathwaite
  • Published date 26 April 2022
a pony

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, London College of Fashion, UAL hosted a series of interactive workshops at our John Prince's Street and Mare Street sites. The fittingly named ‘Inviting a Mare to Mare Street’ workshop caused quite the buzz. The equine-assisted psychotherapy session, for an intimate selection of staff and students, was found to be a grounding way to unwind before the weekend. Facilitated by Tim Stephens, Educational Developer (Curriculum) at UAL, a beautiful Welsh Mountain Pony was brought to Mare Street's Courtyard by the lovely team at Horse Sense for Life.

The session began by asking each participant what they wanted to get from the experience and why they signed up. The group then spent one-to-one and group time with the pony and talked about their feelings during their interactions. The group commented that it was an effective way to ensure they were present in mind as well as body, taking time away from screens and finding zen. Overall, the experience was described as insightful, relaxing, and beneficial.

Proximity to animals would offer ways to build forms of both resilience and flexibility. It would help us with what first arises when we feel vulnerable, or faced with uncertainty; qualities that must be present for learning to happen, for imagination to be lit.

Helen, London College of Fashion staff