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Introducing: BSc Psychology of Fashion


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09 January 2017

‘Introducing:‘ is our new blog series that gets to grips with newly established LCF courses, across undergraduate and postgraduate level. Read our brief guide to the course that answers some frequently asked questions. The second course in the series is BSc Psychology of Fashion.

What is it?

A new course recently joined the LCF Fashion Business School: BSc Psychology of Fashion. It’s a unique programme that provides the critical insight into human behaviour needed to understand and improve the human aspects of the business of fashion.


Top five reasons to apply

  • Personal and Professional Development (PPD) skills are embedded in all units of the course
  • The course content is aligned with the British Psychological Society’s core areas, with the intent of being awarded BPS accreditation
  • Diverse extra-curricular activities at LCF and UAL and the opportunity to contribute to the Psychology of Fashion Student Conference, held in Spring each year
  • Doing this course prepares you for a wide range of employment opportunities – psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour so it can be applied in all contexts across the fashion industry and beyond
  • You’ll be based at our most central sites, John Prince’s Street in the West End, which gives you easy access to all sectors of the fashion retail market

Ask the Course Leader

Meet Aurore Bardey, Course Leader for BSc Psychology in Fashion.

What background do I need to be able apply – do I need to have studied Psychology A-Level?You don’t have to have done an A-Level in Psychology, but if you have, you need to have passed it at grade C or above. To get on the course, all you need is three A Level passes at Grades BBB or above (preferred subjects include: sociology, biology, mathematics, English, philosophy, economics, politics, business studies and psychology).

All classes are conducted in English, so if English is not your first language, you’re still welcome to apply but you will be asked to provide evidence of your English language ability when you enrol.

What do you look for in an application?If you want a career in the fashion or lifestyle industry, in a role that connects business needs with the expectation of customers then this degree is for you. We look for applications that show a clear interest in psychology and business studies. We want motivated, team players, independent thinkers that enjoy analysing, evaluating and understanding human behaviour, and students that can communicate clearly – in writing and in person.

You need to tell us why you want to study BSc Psychology of Fashion, show us that you’re aware of current affairs, and that you have a knowledge of the role that fashion plays in society.

Is there any practical work or is it 100% written/theoretical?There will be a lot of writing but there will also be practical activities and lots and lots of research! Assessments will also vary: from lab reports, written essays and reviews, to magazine style articles, oral presentations and debates.

What projects do you have planned for the course?As course leader, my first and main objective is to design an exceptionally unique course. Me and my Psychology colleagues aim to help students to develop academic and professional skills in an outstanding, creative and pragmatic way. I would like the students to enjoy learning as much as the Psychology team enjoy teaching.

What will I be able to do after the BA?If you want to continue onto postgraduate education, then the BSc allows you to apply seamlessly for the MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion or the MA Psychology for Fashion Professionals. If you want to get out into the working world straight away, the degree will get you to a position where you are an independent creative thinker capable of making an effective contribution to the relevant sector of the fashion industry.