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Interview: Fashion Management CMI award winner Tala Saade

Graduation Picture
Graduation Picture

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05 August 2015

Three BA (Hons) Fashion Management  students were recently awarded the prestigious Chartered Management Institute (CMI) London and South East Regional Boards Award.  Lucy Jackson, Tala Saade and Katharine Carter received gold, silver and bronze prizes respectively for dissertations that demonstrated significant levels of innovative, strategic or sustainable management or leadership.  

As part of the first Fashion Business School cohort to win the coveted award LCF News spoke to Tala to find out what the award means to her, her future plans and her tips for future business students.

Graduation Picture

BA (Hons) Fashion Management graduate Tala Saade

LCF News: What does winning the CMI award mean to you?

The Chartered Management Institute is a globally accredited professional institute for management and the Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership is a stepping-stone for what I wish to achieve throughout my career as a productive and efficient team leader. A successful manager is one who is able to understand the roles of all their colleagues in order to help guide them and this is what the CMI qualification represents for me. I will continue working hard to earn the title of Chartered Manager.

LCF News: Tell us about your dissertation?

At the start of my third year at LCF, we had to choose a minimum of two electives in order to complete a visual essay and a Pecha Kucha presentation. One of my choices was Digital Disruption in Retail Management and this course was what sparked my interest in the FashTech industry. Also one of my lecturers, Matteo Montecchi, discussed the influence of technology on fashion retail marketing and his classes left me feeling inspired and motivated to find out more on this topic, which led me to selecting it as my dissertation aim. After doing more research, I narrowed my aim to evaluating the potential for location-based technology to enhance customers’ engagement on the UK fashion high street. The more I learnt about the various technologies involved and how they are becoming increasingly influential towards customer engagement, the more I became intrigued by my topic.

LCF News: What are your future plans?

Throughout my dissertation research process I spoke to various industry professionals on the marketing and technology side, and met highly knowledgeable individuals in the industry. I learned a great deal from these individuals and I aspired to work in their field. One day I came across a FashTech startup called KNOMI. I contacted one of the team members, and after a few encounters, landed an internship which has recently become a permanent position. I’m excited to be working with a passionate team as we prepare to launch a social fashion discovery mobile application. This is where I will be investing my energy in the near future. The FashTech industry is booming and a really exciting place to be right now.

LCF News: How will your course help you achieve these plans?

My course has taught me many transferable skills, but most importantly teamwork. I believe that truly successful people are those able to cooperate with others and work towards a common goal. I aim to be a valuable team member, as I continue to learn and grow in various positions.

LCF News: Ant tips for future LCF business students?

In his book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life, Colonel Chris Hadfield advises readers to “aim to be a zero”. He goes on to say: “The ideal entry is not to sail in and make your presence known immediately. It’s to ingress without causing a ripple. The best way to contribute to a brand-new environment is not by trying to prove what a wonderful addition you are. It’s trying to have a neutral impact, to observe and learn from those who are already there, and to pitch in with the grunt work wherever possible.”
To LCF students: we’ve learnt from a brilliant teaching staff who work hard to prepare us for the competitive industries, not just fashion. London is a booming city and a remarkable playground to learn and grow in. Take advantage of that. Observe, listen and be proactive in using all the inspiration around you to contribute.