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International Preparation for Fashion students offer advice to future applicants

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Phone 565 edits
Karoline Marques gives her advice to future IPF students
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17 July 2015

There are many routes into studying at LCF and for many International students the International Preparation for Fashion (IPF) course is an opportunity to explore their creative and academic potential as well as discover London, prior to embarking on an undergraduate course.

The year long course offers students an exciting programme that combines fashion study with English language and academic skills. Split into 3 pathways, students can choose to study Fashion Business and Management, Fashion Design and Technology or Fashion Media and Communication. Many students go on to further study at LCF with others using the opportunity to kick start their careers.

LCF News spoke to this year’s graduating students to ask about their time on the course, their thoughts on London and their advice for future IPF students. Here we speak to Canadian Colombian student Laura Rosero-Alvarez who took the Fashion Design and Technology pathway and American student Karoline Marques who studied Fashion Business and Management.

LCF News: Tell us about how you found the course?

Laura Rosero-Alvarez: I found the course through a friend who was searching through the University’s website.

Karoline Marques: I applied for the BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion course and was advised in my interview to start with the IPF program in order to prepare me for a future BA.

LCF News: What was the best thing about the course?

LRA: The best thing about my experience in the IPF course was the independent study. Before commencing the course I was used to the idea of the tutor telling you what to do and how to do it, so when I began my studies in IPF I was shocked at the amount of independent study time. This course has helped me organise my time. The tutors were there for advice but it was me that had to do research and experiment and this made me push myself to limits I hadn’t experienced before.

KM: The freedom that was given to us in every aspect of the course. We were never told what to do but had to figure things out on our own which gave each individual the chance to expand their creativity and use their imagination.

LCF News: What are your future plans?

LRA: I have been offered a place on BA (Hons) Fashion Pattern Cutting at LCF.

KM: I plan on beginning my career in the fashion industry and becoming the next editor in chief of Vogue magazine within the next decade. haha.. but really.

LCF News: Please give us a tip for future IPF students?

LRA: My tip for future IPF students is to make sure you attend all classes, because you don’t realise they are useful until you see the result of your project. All the lessons are meant to complement your portfolio.

KM: Work hard everyday and don’t leave things to be done in the last minute.

LCF News: What is your favourite thing about London?

LRA: My favourite thing about London is that you are never bored in this city, there are so many activities and places to explore, the only thing you don’t have is time…

KM: The endless possibilities. It is a city where anything can happen and you can make every day the best of your life, I know I did.

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