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International Introduction to the Study of Fashion graduates offer advice to future students

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Euna Cho with her advice to future ISF students
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19 July 2015

For International students keen to study fashion, committing to a course and moving to London can be a daunting prospect. To ensure that students choose the right course for them LCF offer year long preparatory courses, which give International students an opportunity to explore their creative talents whilst offering English language and academic support. With many students then going on to undergraduate study, these courses help the students prepare for the demands of their chosen course and acclimatise to student life in London.

One such course is International: Introduction to the Study of Fashion (ISF). Looking at both practical and theoretical aspects of fashion, the course covers Fashion History, Culture and Context, An Introduction to the Fashion System, Portfolio building and also Academic and Cultural Communication skills.

To find out more, LCF News spoke to Korean student Euna Cho and Chinese student Miaochen Tian who have just completed the ISF course and are going on to study BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Menswear and BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear respectively.

Exploring the world was cited as the main reason both students chose to study the ISF course. Both had studied internationally previously, with Miaochen attending a course in France and Euna in America, but they viewed London as a major fashion capital and had a reputation for fashion education. Both saw the course as a vital step in successfully applying to their chosen undergraduate courses.

When asked about the best aspects of the course the students offered various highlights. Both felt that the independent study, and the freedom that gave, meant that their confidence grew. Euna said that she developed her own style and felt more confident expressing it. Miaochen talked about learning to value the process of making, not just the outcome; and Euna enjoyed experimenting with new skills like drawing, and equipment such as 3D printing. Cultural study and understanding was also cited as a key aspect of the course as it allowed the girl to use new influences in their work.

With both students now going on to further study at LCF and having plans to work for design houses before setting up their own labels, we asked them for their advice for future ISF students.

Euna: It’s super hard so you have to be really organised!

Miaochen: Fashion history and cultural study is really important. Also use the architecture and the city to inspire you.