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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Photography student Camilla Glorioso

‘Emma’ by Camilla Glorioso
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12 January 2017

Our LCFMA17 Graduate Spotlight series continues with MA Fashion Photography graduate Camilla Glorioso. Camilla grew up in Italy, where she studied before doing the MA at LCF. Here she tells us about her final project, time in London and plans for the future. Camilla’s work will be part of next month’s Exhibition at House of VANS.

Camilla Glorioso's 'Raw to the Surface' project.

Camilla Glorioso’s ‘Raw to the Surface’ project.

My final project… is called Raw to the Surface. Raw can mean uncooked, or almost unfinished, but also, referring to the skin, it can indicate a part of the body that is “red and painful, especially as a result of an abrasion”. My images aimed to suggest a new approach to fashion photography, moving away from the bi-dimensional and digital displays, and challenge the conventional ways fashion visual material is experienced, letting the raw component come to the surface and reveal the slightly disturbing side of the fashion image.

Starting from my interest in the female body and skin in photography, I researched new forms of display that I began during my MA. The final outcome is an interactive exhibition composed of four different works, Scroll, Inner Textures, The Frontiers of the Skin and Homologous – a collaboration with artist Mark Goldby. The series is linked by the common interest in the inside/outside limit, that makes human body so beautiful and mysterious at the same time.

'Emma' by Camilla Glorioso

‘Emma’ by Camilla Glorioso

Before my MA… I did a BA in Visual Arts and Theatre in Venice, Italy. After graduating I spent a year working as Creative Project Manager for a lifestyle festival, Future Vintage Festival, and building my fashion photography portfolio.

My top tips for prospective students…

  •  Nothing is given as a gift: work hard and don’t expect your career to take off just because you got a place in UAL.
  • Create your network: connect with your fellow students, who, in ten years may be successful professionals.
  • Be careful with London: it is a great city but sometimes can make you feel a little bit lonely. Make friends at uni and outside, and enjoy the thousands of activities the city offers.
'Raw to the Surface' by Camilla Glorioso

‘Raw to the Surface’ by Camilla Glorioso

I chose LCF… because of the MA Fashion Photography. It seemed to be the only interesting option for me to be able to develop my interest in the female body, fashion and fine arts – the programme is mixed equally between fashion and contemporary art.

The thing I enjoyed most… was the freedom I had to grow ideas and projects as I wanted, and the chance to work with creatives from any discipline and college within UAL.

The most challenging thing for the MA Fashion Photography students… is being part of a fashion school. The structure of LCF naturally tends to lean towards fashion, and we wanted to concentrate more on contemporary photography, history and experimentation, which was possible as a small group but not during the panels or classes open to different masters.

My favourite thing about studying in London… is the way collaboration works in the city. I remember that when I arrived in London, I was so surprised by the way people start working together, by just throwing out a question or a suggestion to each other. Here you can say you’d like to do something and you will manage to find other creatives interested in joining the project. This creates a wonderful and rich atmosphere in my opinion.

My work in five words… Contemporary, Investigation, Renaissance, Still Life, Woman.

My biggest inspiration is… Francesca Woodman and the first movies by Sofia Coppola.

After my MA… I’m now looking for a job as creative project manager, possibly in a magazine or in a creative agency connected with contemporary art and fashion. I’m not planning to go freelance at the moment. I will keep working with photography on my personal projects, for magazines and exhibitions, but I’m more focused on fine art than fashion. I’ll also try to travel with my Master’s Exhibition, Raw to the Surface.


‘Josh’ by Camilla Glorioso

LCF is moving to Stratford… and having one campus will definitely be a good thing for LCF. I spent so many days travelling from Oxford St to Lime Grove and back, having everything in one place will save so much time and make students’ life much easier.