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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Journalism graduate Nateisha Monique Scott

Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Journalism graduate Nateisha Monique Scott

Written by Josh De Souza Crook
Published date 20 February 2018

Manchester-raised Nateisha Monique Scott is just about to graduate from her MA Fashion Journalism degree at London College of Fashion. The talented writer has used her LCFMA18 project to celebrate women of colour in the beauty industry by creating a magazine with a powerful message. We took this opportunity to talk to her about the motive behind the magazine, interning at GQ and where she sees her future after LCF.

Tell us about your final project…

My final project is about celebrating women of colour within the beauty industry. The magazine comes at a time when the beauty industry doesn’t appreciate the presence of WOC, my magazine was a token to celebrating and noticing that women of colour also matter within the beauty industry.

What would be your top tips for new students…

Stay focused, stay engaged and have fun!

Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Journalism graduate Nateisha Monique Scott

Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Journalism graduate Nateisha Monique Scott.

What made you chose LCF and London…

I always dreamt of studying at the best art school in the UK, I did my research during my first year at university and knew that LCF was where I was setting my sights. With hard work and dedication, I achieved that goal and moved to London from Manchester. London itself is an exciting and entrepreneurial city, it has a buzz about it that I cannot explain apart from you have to be here to feel it, it drives me as an individual to succeed in such an exciting city.

What were the highlights and biggest challenges of your course…

Highlights would be the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the fashion and journalism industry. I was able to be taught by such amazing industry professionals – teachers that I would not get outside of studying at LCF. My biggest challenge would have been my final MA project, it was challenging from start to finish, from finding a team, creating the content and putting the project together before submission in December, challenging but rewarding.

What song or album are you currently listening to?

Not really listening to much music at the moment but certainly listening to a lot of podcasts such as 3 Shots of Tequila, The Receipts and The Lifestyle podcast.

Armelle Aurelya Morton | THE OTHER MAGAZINE

Armelle Aurelya Morton | THE OTHER MAGAZINE

Have you been on a work placement or internship…

Absolutely, throughout my time at LCF! I was constantly seeking internships and work placements and I was lucky enough to intern at Suitcase magazine and British GQ/GQ Style.

What are your plans for life after your MA…

Continue to freelance and work with as many new publications and clients as possible as well as seek full-time employment within the e-commerce or publication industry.

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