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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear with Nina Galbé-Delord

Photography: Alyssa Boni and Stylist: Adele Cany
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14 February 2018

Our LCFMA18 MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear catwalk show is on Thursday 15 February, and our Graduate Spotlight series continues with MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear graduate Nina Galbé-Delord from Toulouse, France. Her collection will appear at the show and here we discussed her work, inspirations and her time at LCF.

Photography: Alyssa Boni and Stylist: Adele Cany

Tell us about your final project…

This collection was inspired by abstract art, uses pure colour, shapes and forms to express meaning. Abstract art can touch the emotions in a fresh, raw and direct way. I created a collection to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of a woman, to highlight the beauty of her. Womenswear garments are mixed with elements from menswear in order to get stronger silhouettes. I would describe it as a colourful collection with generous architectural volumes and handmade embroideries for the modern yet elegant women.

What would be your top tips to new students?

First of all, even if you’re coming with the biggest motivation you need to be prepare to spend a lot of money for your projects in order to push everything to the next level. I have been working beside my studies few years to be able to save money. My next tip, is to challenge yourself constantly and keep making headway. You will be surrounded by so many talented people, you should always be in competition, not with others but with yourself. Keep that in mind even when you’re exhausted. This is a very busy course with short deadlines and a lot of expectations from tutors, you need to manage your time properly and respect the schedule. Organisation is the key.

What made you chose LCF and London?

My degrees in France gave me all technical and conceptual skills but I wanted to push my creativity further. London and LCF especially is well known to combine wearability and creativity. They help you understand what the industry expects from designers. Also they push you to create really well made garments which are ready to sell in a shop. For me, it was the perfect transition from student to designer.

What were the highlights and biggest challenges of your course?

Tutors really help you to get through this journey and never let you down. They know how to push you in order to improve and change your weakness into a strength. For me, the biggest challenge of this course was to be able to make a big step ahead in my design and pattern skills in a very short time. I am now able to describe my creative identity. To do that you need to accept to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

What song or album are you currently listening to?

I get bored of music often so I’m listening to various kind of music depending on my mood. I like to listen to French radio FIP, they have great holistic playlists and I’m always discovering new songs, new artists. However, during my collection I liked to listen to instrumental alternative music, it helps me get inspired.

Have you been on a work placement or internship?

During my studies in France and UK I’ve been on different internships, starting from Sakina M’Sa and Laure de Sagazan in Paris, Alice McCall in Sydney and Edeline Lee in London. They all taught me something, from pattern cutting, to communication. I have seen different companies and people working in a completely different way. It helps me develop my skills and understand how to behave in a new environment.

My biggest inspirations and muses are…

I don’t really have a muse but I’m always inspired by people, all kinds of people. For me, discovering other cultures, other way of thinking, way of living is so inspiring. I like when heterogeneous elements or people are combined to create an homogeneous result.

What are your plans for life after your MA…

After my MA I want to work in Paris and get some more experience. Parisian brand, Jacquemus offered me a job in their atelier as a creative pattern maker, I feel so grateful. Maybe one year I will create my own label, but I like to move forward step by step without really planning anything. I like when life surprises me.