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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear graduate Hanni Yang

hanni yang feature
hanni yang feature
Graduate Spotlight: MA Menswear graduate Hanni Yang
Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
01 January 2018

We are shining the light on the MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear graduates that will be showcasing their collections at our LCFMA18 Menswear show on 5 January ahead of entering the industry. Shenzhen-born designer Hanni Yang began at London College of Fashion by studying BA (Hons) Womenswear and featured in our BA16 show, paying homage to traditional Chinese aesthetics with her final collection. The technically gifted designer has built on her previous work and developed a creative approach to pattern cutting for her final collection. She talks to us about global perspective, developing a collection and what she’s been listening to in the studio.

Graduate Spotlight: MA Menswear graduate Hanni Yang.

Graduate Spotlight: MA Menswear graduate Hanni Yang.

Tell us about your final project…

My project is based on the exploration of pattern cutting. By extending part of the pattern pieces, scarves created as part of the garment itself. It is an experiment of combining the accessory with apparel together and the grown-on scarves then change the styling of each look.

What would be your top tips for new students…

1. Plan things in advance. Good time management skill is essential for achieving the best result for both MA and BA.

2. Be prepared for all the tutorials. There are limited sessions with tutors in every term, it is very important to get the best out of each one of them. Reviewing what you have done in the week and also think about the questions that you want to ask for your tutor.

What made you chose LCF and London…

I began at LCF by studying a foundation degree, so naturally it was an easy decision staying in London to complete my BA and MA here. Originally I came to London for a short UAL Summer Course, which was half language and half testing programme. London is very open to different cultures and you can feel that people do appreciate the differences between culture and taste. I grew up in Shenzhen in China, which is a very big city, so I enjoy the fast pace of London.

What were the highlights and biggest challenges of your course…

I think the course is very well divided into sections. I believe this helps students to develop their Master’s collection stage by stage, which at the same time is a big challenge for students because we need to start considering every part of the process from an early stage. The MA course is spread over 15 months, which is a very long period of time but it can also be a big challenge for most of the students to manage their project, time and deadlines.


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What song or album are you currently listening to?

‘Everything This Way’ by Walking on Cars.

Have you been in a work placement or internship…

Yes, I did a few during my BA. I have worked for Teatum Jones, ME+EM and Celine.

My biggest inspirations and muses are…

I am always inspired by the movements of human bodies and the reactions of the garments when worn on a moving body. I like visiting vintage shops and archives to look at old garments and other accessories. I don’t think I have a specific muse in my head but I tend to think of myself as someone who doesn’t design within the fixed boundries of menswear and womenswear.

Hanni Yang studied BA (Hons) Womenswear before MA Menswear.

Hanni Yang studied BA (Hons) Womenswear before MA Menswear.

What are your plans for life after your MA…

Look for a job is the first plan. People have been asking me if I will be starting a brand after graduation. I would like to have a brand in the future of course, but I think I need more experience in the industry before.

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