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Graduate Spotlight: MA Costume Design for Performance with Andreana Scott


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01 December 2017

MA Costume Design for Performance graduate Andie Scott’s final project Liminal Acts is an abstract piece based on haikus written as text messages to her long-term partner, as expressions of love. Andie came to the MA from industry and has worked in theatre for quite a while. We caught up with her to hear more about her work and her time at LCF.

Tell us about your final project… Liminal Acts is an abstract piece based on autobiographical haikus written as text messages, during breast cancer treatment to my long-term partner, as expressions of love. Similarly, the lives of Heloise and Abelard had some parallels to this; love that is forcefully disrupted, and intellectual love, which is exchanged through writing. Twelfth century philosopher Abelard inveigled himself into his pupil Heloise’s affections.

Their passionate relationship scandalized Parisian society when her uncle took revenge and had Abelard castrated. Abelard unmanned, became a monk also making Heloise take the veil. After 15 years of silence they recommenced writing to each other. This devised piece reflects her memories of constant passion and sex.

What would be your top tips to new students… time management!

The biggest challenge… was academic writing. Without the BA experience, this has been the most challenging and ultimately the most rewarding aspect, specifically when using the network of study support offered on the course. The sessions with writer in residence Christina Hopkinson were invaluable in understanding the process and accuracy required in this style of writing.

The biggest highlight… was getting a gratis licence from Max Richter’s to use his music in my performance.

My biggest inspirations and muses are… Andrew Logan with his Alternative Miss World, James Engel Architect, Peta Lily Dark Clown.

What are your plans for life after your MA… I have worked with Sorcha Ra Productions for five years creating costumes for corporate circus shows. We have begun collaborating with a Mongolian fabricator who makes the costumes from my design drawings. For the film unit of this course I chose to film on location where permissions, call sheets, a large crew to marshal the event, still photography and working into the night and following sunrise, was a completely new experience. Having completed the editing of the film I uploaded it to YouTube and invited industry professionals to view it. As a result of this, I now have an introduction to a world renowned film production house next year.

LCF is moving east. What do you think about the move… Lime Grove is a lovely community but the studios are too cramped for us all to work comfortably.