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Graduate Spotlight 2015: Miao Ho


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18 February 2015

MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear student Miao Ho is next in the Graduate Spotlight series. Miao’s final collection will feature alongside 11 other students at the MA Womenswear Catwalk show. The show will be live streamed from the LCF Channel at 7.30PM GMT on 19th February 2015.


Image from MA Fashion Design Womenswear student Miao Ho’s final collection. Photography Felix Cooper: Styling Jeannie Annan-Lewin

LCF News: Tell us about your final collection?

Miao Ho: I have been fascinated with the question: “taking the light as medium, how is virtual space divided and organised by constructed space?”
Initially, I was inspired by the artist Ruimteruis’ series ‘Qbes’ and the architect Louis Kahn’s work on the National Assembly Bangladesh. I did a lot of research and realised virtual space, which is formed by light, could create new optical structural vision.
The aim was to translate these concepts into a wearable range of garments for the gentlewoman. This aim was to complete the look and enrich layers of collection, for example, the structural line of garment, which is connected with a tailored collar, transforms this collar into a shirt collar and flat fitting collar.

LCF News: Where did you study prior to your MA at LCF?

MH: I studied Clothing Art Design at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology from 2006 to 2010 and the did two and half years work experience in Shanghai Xushang Apparel Co.,Ltd(ZUKKA.PRO) between 2010 and 2013.

LCF News: What are your future plans?

MH: I have two steps.
The first step is to get a job in tailoring. I would like to do this for a while in order to increase my skills, build on my experience, meet and collaborate with other people and learn more about the market. It will also allow me to have extra time for continuing research and develop my creative design.
The second step is to establish a fashion label named THEORY VII in collaboration with LCF MA Menswear graduate Yu Ding. This is a label that pursues a kind of rational aesthetic which is the fusion of pattern techniques, spirit of exploration and fun, while trying to break through the limit of genders. Yu Ding and I will work as a team and gradually build our own studio, and through this I can continue my development of tailoring design direction.
In my opinion, tailoring and pattern design is full of creative possibilities and they can be the perfect media for me to translate my inspiration and design concept.

LCF News: How do you think the course will help you to realise these plans?

MH: This course made me really aware of where my interests lie, and helped me to make a big leap in combining creative ideas into design. The course also broadened my views of marketing and business. During the course I was required to do a lot of research and experiment independently. That as well as plenty of tutorials and workshops allowed me to combine design with business practice which will improve my market knowledge.

LCF: What advice would you give to anyone considering studying an MA at LCF?

MH: Private tutorial is very important for your design. For example, Nigel Luck will help you explore your design and deal with your problems, which you might encounter with the process of design and tailoring. Sometimes he helps you complete your process of researching. To new students, they should make use of tutorials which will give them a lot of instruction. Moreover, abundant professional books have been collected in the library, the most up-to-date industry news, the library staff, and advanced facilities and workshop provide good opportunities for experiments and tryouts.
Professional speaker talks were also useful for me to improve my communication skills, during which I was also tutored by some prominent professors.