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Fashion Means… Digital


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14 April 2015

As part of our Fashion Means Business blog series we wanted to show the abundance of career options open to students studying Fashion Business courses.

It’s clear that digital advances are having a huge effect on the fashion industry, so we thought who better to catch up with than Eve Lee and Melanie Ashley from digital agency The Digi Fairy. LCF News grabbed them to hear their views and advice for budding digital communicators…


LCF News: What is your top tip for people looking to start their own business or work in digital?

Eve: Be ahead and be aware, because if you’re not aware and you take time out you become scared of what’s going on and the rate that it’s happening at. You always need to be in touch with what’s going on. I think building case studies is super important as well. Apply your knowledge to local businesses because they tend to be really approachable.

Mel: We both studied Fashion Communication so I think going to university is a good thing, whatever lessons you learn from it will be useful.

LCF News: What does it take to launch your own business?

Eve: It takes time! I was given an opportunity where I was had a small amount of investment which meant that I could work for about 4 months while I got some case studies together, so that was really key, without that I wouldn’t have been able to start in the way I did. I would advise people to look for private investment or juggle launching your business with a career. It’s not realistic for everyone to just stop what they are doing and start something completely new, it’s such a huge risk.

LCF News: What are the ‘Do’s’ of getting hired?

Mel: Be persistent, be informed, and be relevant.

LCF News: What are three words that you live by?

Eve: Live life and LOL!

LCF News: How should a student network?

Mel: I think it’s really important to utilise your peers, because they’re the ones who will be doing things in the future. You should certainly keep in touch, work with your peers, encourage other people because they’re the ones who possibly will be supporting you in the future.

Eve: And also don’t be afraid about it, don’t think they seem unapproachable or ‘why would they want to help me’. Everyone is more open than you think! We are still helped by a lot of people who give us time and we can go to them and ask questions. It’s always really helpful to get different perspectives.

LCF News: What are three words that all budding digital communications should live by?

Mel: Development, research and adaptability.

LCF News: How did you get to where you are now?

Eve: Just by being hard working to be honest, I think I’ve always worked and I’ve always wanted to work, I’ve never had that nine to five mentality.

Mel: I’m not a business person specifically and I don’t think with a business head which can be a bit tricky sometimes because I need people to help me with that. However, the way that I got to where I am today has been through following my intuition.

LCF News: What do you think is next for digital?

Mel: I’m looking for a new platform because I’m bored of all of these platforms, so I’m interested to see now that everything being bought out, so when China buys Facebook and America freaks out, what’s going to happen after that. Where are we going to be exchanging and talking online?

Eve: We think that brands are going to have their own virtual worlds where they’ll invite people to enter. I’m excited to know what they’ll be like, you can create things that don’t exist.

Mel: I think it’s going to be less about visiting platforms and more about you as an entity, you are the platform and you take everything with you.