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Fashion Matters: MA Fashion Design Technology womenswear student Leanne Callon tells us what her scholarship has meant to her


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03 November 2016

The annual Fashion Matters Gala at LCF generates funds to create crucial scholarships and bursaries for students, who might not otherwise be able to afford to study at London College of Fashion. Leanne Callon is studying MA Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear, and she was awarded a Fashion Matters scholarship which is funding her MA. We spoke to Leanne to find out how it has helped her, and why fashion matters.

'Beyond Borders' by Leanne Callon. Photography: Oda Eide Model: Vilde Valerie Make-up: Mona Leanne

‘Beyond Borders’ by Leanne Callon. Photography: Oda Eide, Model: Vilde Valerie, Make-up: Mona Leanne

Before my MA… I did a BA in Fashion, specialising in knitwear. Before my studies, I was adamant that I didn’t want to study in London – I didn’t expect to get in but when I did, I just thought, I must go here! I’m really glad that I ended up in London – it’s so nice to be here.

During my MA… I’m experimenting with colour. I’m trying to push myself more, because usually, I stick to one colour and explore textiles.

I got my scholarship… through Graduate Fashion Week. I didn’t have to apply – I was selected by Nigel, head of the course. He interviewed me through the GFW process and offered me the place. I thought about doing a Masters in my first and second years, but I kind of forgot about it by my third year because I had so much on and I hadn’t applied for anything.

If it wasn’t for my scholarship… I wouldn’t be at LCF. If the MA wasn’t funded I could never have afforded to do it. Being given this opportunity, and fact that someone believed in me enough to give me this money, made me believe in myself and want to do more.

Why does Fashion Matter… I don’t really follow trends but for me fashion is important because it allows me explore things that I am interested in and try to push boundaries. I’m working with people that are as passionate about this, as I am.

After I finish my course… I want to work within a brand to start with. The sampling and development of garments are the things that interest me the most. I make my own fabrics and that’s how I get inspired to create garments and look at how they are put together, how they work and how they react.