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Fashion Matters: Anne Fleur Van Der Vloed tells us how her Better Lives Award has helped her


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10 November 2016

Anne Fleur Van Der Vloed from MA Fashion Artefact was the winner of the Better Lives Proctor and Gamble Award, funded by money raised as part of LCF’s annual Fashion Matters campaign. Ahead of this year’s gala, we spoke to Anne to see how the funding has helped her.

Photo: Camilla Glorioso, MA Fashion Photography

Photo: Camilla Glorioso, MA Fashion Photography

I chose LCF… because with an undergraduate degree in fashion, I wanted to use my previous training to develop my knowledge and skills, and use that to challenge thoughts and beliefs in our society. The MA Fashion Artefact suited my goal perfectly.

My final project… is my first piece of work that is autobiographical. I have lived with chronic pain in my neck and shoulders for over 10 years now. The sculptures I am making for my final project are a reflection of the pain I feel everyday in my body, but most importantly, they give me hope for the future. I believe that chronic pain can be devastating to your personal identity, and have a big impact on a person’s mental health. I hope my works inspire, and convince people that they are bigger and stronger than their pain.

The application process for my award… was like every other process, it takes hard work and dedication, but winning an award is the greatest reward for all of the effort!

Fashion matters… because it becomes the most appealing form of art – it lies so close to everyone of us.

If it wasn’t for my award… My project would NOT have been possible! The materials I work with are extremely expensive and being a full-time student didn’t allow me to work simultaneously, so every pound was more than helpful.

The best bit about studying at LCF… is that I have met great people from whom I have learned a lot. There have also been some very personal victories like improving my writing skills and ability to verbalise my thoughts. More professionally, being able to structure work-processes, start collaborations, and become a better artist.

In the future… I intend on opening my own studio “M.A.F.”, which is the Dutch word for ‘crazy’, and also my initials.