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Fashion illustration student joins LCF’s Rob Phillips and Sue Dray to deliver iPad Pro workshop at Apple HQ

Alice in her box illustrated on iPad Pro by Sue Dray
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25 January 2016

Last week, Creative Director for the School of Design and Technology Rob Phillips, and BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration course leader Sue Dray, were joined by LCF student Holly Farmer, to deliver an illustration workshop on the new iPad Pro and Pencil at Apple’s head office in London. They presented their expertise and experience of illustrating using the latest iPad apps, to a number of UK editors, bloggers and freelancers.

Alice in her box illustrated on iPad Pro by Sue Dray

Alice in her box illustrated on iPad Pro by Sue Dray

They created some stunning illustrations and gave their top tips on how to get the most out of illustrating on an iPad. They also discussed other things that editors might find useful for reporting during fashion week using an iPad.

The workshop attendees included: Natalie Rigg (Editor) and Olivia Singer (Fashion Features Editor) from, Emma Allwood Fashion Features Editor from Dazed Digital, freelancer Adam Chen, Disney Roller Girl blogger Navaz Batliwalla, and Mademoiselle Robot blogger Laetitia Wajnapel.


BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration course leader Sue Dray said:

As an illustrator that predominately and exclusively draws live from the catwalk at LFW, I was keen to know how the iPad Pro would respond to my quick drawing style and use of materials.

I found the tools on Procreate matched my style well as you could obtain a range of differing marks quickly by using the inking tool. For bands of textural color I found the abstract tool very easy to use for textural responses to movement and flow of fabric on the body. I find all the tools give me a great and interesting response overall.

When drawing quickly from a live moving event, you have to limit the range of tools and material in response to your thinking time, and this app for me offers just that!