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Fashion for the environment: Nathalie Ballout

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22 October 2018

LCF’s 2015 BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery alumna Nathalie Ballout is one of those to be proud of. She is making space for herself in the fashion industry while using it as a platform to raise awareness about current environmental conditions and to promote positive change.

Care for the environment and thirst for action characterise the whole of Ballout’s production, as she creates looks with a sustainable, slow fashion and up-cycled character. For instance, all the looks in her Denim Couture – Upcycled Tribute Project 2018 and her autumn/winter ’18 Capsule collection are made out of used Levi’s jeans, as equally up-cycled are the garments for her MARR X BALLOUT collection.  A condemnation of human responsibility in climate change and environmental disasters is also at source of the skeletal fish motifs of her A/W ’18 collection, which targets man’s responsibility in the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

From Autumn/Winter ’18

Nathalie is very aware of the power of the fashion industry to influence, directly or indirectly, people all around the world, and her aim is to capitalise on this power to raise environmental awareness and advocate a responsible behaviour. In accordance with her ethics, she creates handmade and up-cycled garments unique to their owners, thus challenging the mass scale of production of the fashion industry. In these garments, which results from a dynamic process of destruction and reconstruction, she wants to highlight diversity, individuality and the beauty in them.


After debuting in March 2016 with her second collection, she was selected amongst nine young designers to represent Vogue Talents at the SS19 Milan Fashion and she was also chosen to represent Tranoi at the Shanghai Fashion Week in October 2018.


Nathalie has also collaborated with friend and musician Dua Lipa on an exclusive range for merchandise for her tour and the singer has worn Nathalie Ballout pieces at events and on Instagram.

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