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Everything you need to know about UAL Future Marketers Society

@ual_fms event.
  • Written byMimi Francis-Mearns
  • Published date 27 February 2023
@ual_fms event.
@ual_fms event.

We sat down with Beatriz Neto Pinto, President and Treasurer of the Future Marketer’s Society, to find out everything you need to know about the society.

What is FMS?

The Future Marketer’s Society is a club for students who want to get into the marketing industry, love fashion and love the intersection between the two. We handle marketing in two approaches. First, how to market yourself: we teach students how to improve their CV’s and LinkedIn and have guest speakers tell them how to land the job of your dreams. We also cover how to be a successful marketeer with all the skills and strategies needed.

What is your role in the future marketing society?

We’re a small society, it’s just Anakua Lee and myself. So, I take the role of President and Treasurer. I reach out to companies and people in the industry to ask them to speak at events or provide sponsorships and collaborations. I also curate our social media feeds and newsletters.

UAL FMS hosts an event with Flo Create.
UAL FMS hosts an event with Flo Create.

What events do you have lined up that you’re looking forward to?

We can't say too much, I'm so cryptic! I can say we have something to do with work experience for our members. It’ll be an opportunity for them to gain some hands-on industry insight. Follow us on Instagram to see our past events at @ual_fms.

How can students get involved?

The best way to reach us is on social media. Follow us on Instagram @ual_fms and make sure you're signed up to become a member - read more on on how to sign up. We don’t often have exclusive events as we want everyone to access these opportunities, but when we do it’s easiest to already be registered. They can sign up via the SU website and should make sure they have post notifications on Instagram so they don’t miss out!

What’s been you’re favourite event so far?

I think I'd have to say our last event, which was a headshot pop-up. Everyone was very welcoming and we had a great turn-out. We were also able to get some exposure for UAL talent, as our photographer, Christina Sarkisian is a student at London College of Communication.